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Man who asked for death penalty for torturing and killing two men given death sentence
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Man who asked for death penalty for torturing and killing two men given death sentence

The judge granted him his wish, though he clarified that his preference had no bearing on the sentence

A murderer who asked for the death penalty was granted his wish.

Steven Lorenzo was convicted for the 2003 killings of Jason Galehouse and Michael Wachholtz after confessing to the crimes in December.

Lorenzo drugged, sexually assaulted, and murdered the 26-year-old victims in Florida, USA, and he asked to receive the death penalty for his crimes.

He was given the death penalty.
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"I'm seeking the death penalty. It’s in my best interest, basically, because it's a comfort," the 64-year-old said.

"I'll be living a lot more comfortable that I would living in the federal system — living on death row, believe it or not. At my age, I want to be comfortable. I want my privacy. That's what I want.

"So I'm asking you to give me the death sentence, because that will be more comfortable for me to live out my lifetime.

"I know that I can be on death row for about 10 to 15 years, which I think is crazy. But as far as I see it, it's just euthanasia. I already have a death sentence. Everyone in this room has a death sentence."

He went on to say that 'we are eternal beings' and he wanted to 'get a new body and come back again'.

Wachholtz' mum Ruth also urged the judge to hand down the death sentence.

According to the Law & Crime Network, she said: "An eye for an eye. It would be nice if we could have old-time justice.

"Hanging. Heaven wants the gallows being built. Firing squad. Not blindfolded. Guillotine. Again, not blindfolded.

"What he did to my son before murdering him should be done to him."

He killed the men in 2003.
ZUMA Press Inc / Alamy Stock Photo

Judge Christopher Sabella sentenced Lorenzo to death, clarifying that his wishes had not been taken into consideration.

Sabella said: "Many witnesses testified. On Feb. 7 two very strong young ladies testified. Ms. Ruth Waccholtz, the mother of Michael Waccholtz and Ms. Pam Williams the mother of Jason Galehouse, they are observing the proceedings today.

"The thing that was consistent in their testimony is that they have been waiting 20 years for justice. Today that long wait ends.

"In the words of Ms. Pam Williams, 'From one Italian to another, Ti condanno a morte'. That translates to 'I sentence you to death'.

"That is the punishment you deserve for these horrific crimes."

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