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Incredible simulation shows speed comparison between Usain Bolt, an average person, and a cheetah
Featured Image Credit: Reigarw Comparisons/YouTube/Tim Clayton/Corbis via Getty Images

Incredible simulation shows speed comparison between Usain Bolt, an average person, and a cheetah

A cheetah vs Usain Bolt vs an average person - how do they compare?

Running fast is a skill most people think they possess, but they’d be pretty wrong compared to this simulation.

If you think you’ve got the stuff, take a peek at what it would look like to go up against the fastest animal and the fastest man on Earth.

Someone has created a video showing the difference in speed over 100 metres between an average person, world record holder Usain Bolt, and a cheetah.

Don’t be too hard on yourself when you watch it:

Comments under the video were typically funny, as you'd expect.

One person said: "Bolt T-posing to assert his dominance against the average human."

Another said: "What impressed me the most was the way they trained that cheetah to stop and sit right after the finish line."

I mean, of course the cheetah is the fastest animal on land, and Usain Bolt is the fastest dude ever to run across that distance, but considering they’ve never actually faced off on the track, there’s no way to tell if Usain could run faster.

My bets are on the man.

No matter how fast Usain might be, he’s not fast enough to outrun the cheetah, and there’s a good chance that the wild animal might decide that he’d make a decent snack.

A bit of Usain for supper, if you like.

However, with technological advancements making it possible for anything to be mocked up and simulated, we can use data and information to simulate what a race between the flying Jamaican and the speedster of the Serengeti might actually look like.

Here's Usain Bolt's vital stats. (YouTube/Reigarw Comparisons)
Here's Usain Bolt's vital stats. (YouTube/Reigarw Comparisons)

This ain’t no deepfake.

The quality looks like a video game from about 1996, graphics-wise, but the most important thing is the numbers, and they’re definitely correct.

In the video, you are looking at it from the perspective of the average in the middle of Usain and the cheetah on a racing track.

To be honest, I think they’ve been really generous with what speed they think I could reach as I can barely run up the stairs. But I digress.

Obviously, the cheetah wins the race comfortably, clocking in a time of 5.95 seconds, reaching speeds of up to 75 miles per hour or 120 kilometres per hour.

At the time of Usain’s record, he reached speeds of 27.8 miles per hour, or 44.7 kilometres per hour.

It’s quick, but it’s still slower than the representative for all animal-kind.

Usain’s quickest time across 100 metres was 9.58 seconds, set at the World Athletics Championship in Berlin back in 2009.

The cheetah wins hands - paws - down. (Reigarw Comparisons/YouTube)
The cheetah wins hands - paws - down. (Reigarw Comparisons/YouTube)

That shattered his own world record of 9.69, set just a year earlier.

Since then, no one has been able to top it.

In the human race that is.

As for the average person, the simulator has us clocking in at around 15 seconds.

It doesn’t provide you with anything that you can pass on to others, but it sure is fun to watch that ‘average’ person try to run fast, only to be dragging along at the back.

Poor thing.

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