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Jake Paul announces new opponent amid Mike Tyson fight being canceled

Jake Paul announces new opponent amid Mike Tyson fight being canceled

Paul's fight with Tyson was called off on Friday evening

Jake Paul has teased a new boxing opponent after his fight with Mike Tyson was called off.

Netflix announced the pair wouldn't be fighting in a statement on Friday night ( May 31).

Paul and Tyson's fight was called off (Cooper Neill/Getty Images for Netflix)
Paul and Tyson's fight was called off (Cooper Neill/Getty Images for Netflix)

The streamer confirmed the fight is being postponed due to Tyson's recent medical issue.

"Unfortunately, Jake Paul and Mike Tyson will not face-off on July 20 as planned," said Netflix.

"Tyson’s recent ulcer flare-up has limited his ability to train fully for the next few weeks.

"The fight will be rescheduled for a date later this year after Mike’s able to resume training with no limitations, and both fighters can have equal time to prepare for this once-in-a-lifetime matchup!

"Stay tuned for the new fight date to be announced by the end of next week."

Following the news, Paul teased on X that he would be fighting KSI in February.

It all started when the YouTuber tweeted KSI, suggesting that they fight on July 20 instead.

He wrote: "KSI's coach saying he is over 200lbs right now? So no weight excuses.

"Let's run it for July 20th and then Paul Tyson in October/November."

KSI responded, saying he couldn't fight Paul in July because he already has one lined up in August.

"Instead of you fighting an OAP at the end of the year (no one wants to see this) fight me in December instead," he wrote.

Paul responded: "I just gave KSI and his forehead the opportunity again for July. He said he’s fighting in August. Cool. Im fighting in October/November. February it is, 200 lbs, MSG, NYC."

He later tweeted: "2 fights in February... Jake Paul vs KSI... Logan Paul vs Deji. Yall with it?"

KSI doesn't appear to have responded to the most recent tweet, but UNILAD has reached out to his rep for comment.

Paul vs Tyson was called off after Tyson suffered a medical emergency while he was on a flight from Miami to Los Angeles last Saturday.

He experienced an ulcer flare-up and began feeling nauseous when the flight was 30 minutes from landing in LA.

His representatives subsequently released a statement to ESPN confirming the athlete was 'doing great' after the scare and that he was "appreciative to the medical staff that were there to help him."

Mike Tyson expressed his gratitude to his fans for their patience: “I want to thank my fans around the world for their support and understanding during this time. Unfortunately, due to my ulcer flareup, I have been advised by my doctor to lighten my training for a few weeks to rest and recover.

“My body is in better overall shape than it has been since the 1990s and I will be back to my full training schedule soon. Jake Paul, this may have bought you some time, but in the end you will still be knocked out and out of boxing for good.

“I appreciate everyone’s patience and can't wait to deliver an unforgettable performance later this year.”

Featured Image Credit: Alex Menendez/Getty Images/ Cooper Neill/Getty Images for Netflix

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