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Footage of extreme mountain biking is giving people 'anxiety'
Featured Image Credit: u/WorldlyBlackberry819/Reddit

Footage of extreme mountain biking is giving people 'anxiety'

Reddit users were shocked and horrified after watching someone complete the Redbull Rampage course in Utah.

Would you risk your lift for a biking thrill? Many of us wouldn’t, but one man took on the almighty Redbull Rampage in Utah and provided a pretty creepy video to prove it.

This year’s Red Bull Rampage course was set in the desert terrain in Utah, USA and held on Friday, 13 October.

Obviously, to you and me, there’s a lot of red flags in that sentence but to some, it’s an adventure like no other.

Fortunately, a social media user got hold of the GoPro footage of a rider completing the course and it makes for a very uncomfortable watch. Take a look:

Who other than Reddit would share something so crazily dangerous and give a running commentary on how much this isn’t something that you’d ever do?

Of course, when the daredevil video was posted, it didn’t take long for users to start commenting jokes and reasons as to why you would attempt this death-defying course.

One person joked: “When you actually believe that Red Bull gives you wings.”

Other understood that they didn’t have the capabilities to do such a stunt and wrote: “I’d get hurt so badly.”

Someone replied with their own opinion: “I think that's putting it a little lightly. I would probably just die.”

The video caused Reddit users to feel anxious due to its extreme nature.
Reddit/ WorldlyBlackberry819

Though, it wasn’t all fun and games as another brought the mood down with a touch of realism when discussing the likelihood of a biker being injured: “Unfortunately, so do they. This year Gee Atherton (a British rider) crashed in practice and had to be airlifted out.”

“According to him: ‘Injuries are not too bad tho, some fractures to vertebrae and a few skull fractures will mean I’ll have to chill for a few weeks.’”

So, who is this mystery man on a crazy biking course of doom?

Users suggested that ‘the rider is Brendan Fairclough and he documented the whole build process to this beforehand in YouTube.'

As the video shows something out of a action film, with a large gap to clear in the middle of the path that seems ridiculous for a bike to be able to jump over, some speculated whether death would be the outcome if a rider wasn’t able to make it across.

The rider was in the air twice during his time on the course.
Reddit/ WorldlyBlackberry819

“The outcome is probably death if you can’t clear it”, one person suggested.

But it wasn’t just the gap that looked as if it could cause major injuries.

There was not just one, but two death trap back flips on the tiny path, causing even the biker to let out a squeal.

Someone mentioned the coincidence of Redbull and these types of antics, writing: “Anytime I see one of these crazy videos, it's always sponsored be Redbull”.

One person couldn’t find the words to describe the amount of resistance they would have to participate in something so dangerous and simply commented a GIF of someone saying, ‘nope’.

I mean, can we blame them?

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