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Bizarre ‘lost’ footage of Donald Trump seducing Rudy Giuliani dressed in drag resurfaces

Bizarre ‘lost’ footage of Donald Trump seducing Rudy Giuliani dressed in drag resurfaces

The recently resurfaced clip shows mayor Rudy Giuliani in drag with Trump attempting to 'seduce' the then New York City mayor.

Trigger warning: This article contains references to sexual assault.

A bizarre video has resurfaced of Donald Trump ‘seducing’ Rudy Giuliani in drag.

The ‘lost footage’ shows the two political figures in a comedy sketch, which was originally made for a charity event in 2000.

Over 20 years on though, the short clip is less comic and more creepy, with shocked viewers reacting online.

The bizarre skit was originally filmed for The Mayor’s Inner Circle Press Roast, an annual event which sees New York politicians and journalists make sketches to raise money for charity.

However, the parody makes for uncomfortable viewing after the numerous sexual assault allegations surrounding former President Trump.

In the short clip, the then New York mayor Giuliani is dressed in drag, with a blonde wig and lilac dress, as he catches the eye of The Apprentice USA host.

Trump watches as the politician tests various perfumes, even nuzzling his face against Giuliani’s neck.

Just when it seems like the clip couldn’t get any weirder, Trump then decided to rub his face against the former mayor’s fake breasts.

“Oh, you dirty boy, you!" screams Giuliani, who then slaps the former US president and exclaims: “Donald, I thought you were a gentleman!”

To which Trump creepily responds: "Can't say I didn't try!”

As the clip resurfaces, viewers have been shocked by the ‘lost’ footage.

The creepy clip has resurface on social media.
Inner Circle Show

After the video was uploaded to a thread on Reddit, many users were uneasy about what they’d seen.

Although it had previously resurfaced in 2016, during Trump’s presidential campaign, most people on the thread were seeing the footage for the first time.

“This is so uncomfortable to watch,” commented one user, with another quickly adding: “Glad you posted it because I’ve sure as hell never seen this…. Probably would have been better off not, but oh well.”

One user even joked: “This was a normal Friday night for Trump and Rudy back in the day.”

Others reference the current crack down on drag acts in many US states, with another person quipping that the men would be ‘arrested in modern day Florida’.

Although it was intended to be funny, the clip has become even more problematic, after E. Jean Carroll’s allegations about the former president.

Back in 2019, the author claimed that she had been assaulted in a department store in the nineties.

While Trump denied the allegations, a civil case found the politician liable and order him to pay $5 million in damages to Carroll.

Featured Image Credit: Access Hollywood

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