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Eugenie Bouchard shares awkward twist to relationship with fan she took on date after losing bet

Eugenie Bouchard shares awkward twist to relationship with fan she took on date after losing bet

The tennis star took on a bet with a fan ahead of the 2017 Super Bowl

Everyone likes to think that their football team will win the Super Bowl, and Eugenie Bouchard was so confident that she even accepted a fan's wager.

In 2017, Atlanta Falcons fan Eugenie was very optimistic that the team would beat the New England Patriots that when an NFL fan suggested they go on a date if the Falcons lost, she said yes.

But much to the tennis star's dismay, Patriots beat the Falcons 34 - 28 on the fateful day seven years ago, meaning she had to go ahead with the date.

Eugenie Bouchard is a successful Canadian tennis player.
Robert Prange/Getty Images

The person who asked Eugenie was then-student John Goehrke, whom she took to a Brooklyn Nets game in the NBA.

Surprisingly, the pair got on really well and ended up going out a handful of times - even attending the 2018 Super Bowl together.

While John and Eugenie aren't dating anymore, as of 2020, they remained in touch; something the girls John dated apparently weren't too happy about.

"I’m in touch with him casually. Sometimes he plays hard to get and I’m like, ‘Bro, we’re friends, text me back, it’s OK’," she told at the time.

Tennis Pro Genie Bouchard attend a game with her twitter date John Goehrke in 2017.
Mike Stobe/Getty Images

"We’ve hung out a bunch of times. I think he has a girlfriend now though, maybe that’s why he doesn’t text me back."

Eugenie continued to say: "All his girlfriends literally hate me. We’ve talked about it so much. Every girl that he ever hangs out with is like, ‘Why would you want to hang out with me when you hung out with Genie?’

"I’m ruining his dating life. It’s so sad. We hang out once a year. I’m not a threat, relax. At the time I had a boyfriend, it caused problems as well. Honestly, we were a disaster for each other’s dating lives, it was so bad."


Eugenie and John ended up going out several times.
Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for DirecTV

Eugenie poked fun at the 'infamous moment in her life' during last year's Super Bowl when the Philadelphia Eagles went head-to-head against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Sharing a snap of her TV, Eugenie quipped: "Ready for your bets guys! I’m actually on the same couch as that time I agreed to a Super Bowl bet…"

Someone replied to the post: "Me sliding into the DMs when the Eagles are down 28-0."

The Chiefs went on to win 38 - 35.

Eugenie isn't thought to have placed any wagers on the game, however, after having apparently learnt from her 2017 loss.

Featured Image Credit: Michael Loccisano / Staff/Mike Stobe / Contributor

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