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Viewers left sickened after wrestler drinks opponent’s blood during match

Viewers left sickened after wrestler drinks opponent’s blood during match

Viewers thought it couldn't get much worse after the stapling, but little did they know what was to follow.

All Elite Wrestling viewers have been left flabbergasted after a contestant drank another's blood.

On Saturday (November 18), 'Hangman' Adam Page stepped into the ring to battle Swerve Strickland in a Texas Deathmatch at AEW Full Gear, at the KIA Forum in Los Angeles.

AEW - or All Elite Wrestling - is a rival wrestling organisation to WWE, and tends to take a more sports-based approach rather than prioritise entertainment.

The match lasted just under 30 minutes and served as a rematch between the pair, who first met back in October 2022 at WrestleDream.

"This was 'Hangman' Page's fourth Texas Deathmatch in AEW and was also his first loss under the stipulation," Wrestling Inc reports.

Strickland - real name Stephon Strickland - may've ultimately come out of the match victorious, but Page - real name Stephen Blake Woltz - is who everyone is talking about online.

During the rematch, Page stapled a piece of paper to Strickland's cheek despite his opponent's face already very much bleeding. Oh, and then he grabs it and rips it straight back out again.

And if that wasn't excruciating enough to watch, Page then decided to slide underneath Strickland, positioning himself just below his bleeding face, catching drops of his opponents blood in his open mouth.

I apologise in advance if you've just eaten.

As one of the match's commentators said: "Hangman Adam Page is completely unhinged." Ringside News have also branded the match 'undoubtedly the most gruesome AEW match of all time'. And it would seem many viewers agree.

People have flooded to social media in horror after viewing the Hangman lapping up Strickland's blood.

One X user said: "Unwatchable. This is one of the reasons WWE smokes y’all in ratings every week."

"What in the Jeffrey Dahmer is this ?????" another added.

A third commented: "I pictured Mark Henry bowing out, turning away from screen..hand in front of face..because I did the same thing and I’m not usually squeamish - so he was actually prob dry heavin .. Wild match."

And a fourth said: "Bruh. That blood dripping this was gross. Just ridiculous and unsanitary. I bet he match was great though."

Vampire mode unlocked.

However, others absolutely loved the intense watch, taking to X to defend the show.

A user commented: "So glad there's an alternative to WWE. Over there they'd have them eating cotton candy and drinking lemonade."

"I love this s**t, thank you AEW for dropping the hardcore stuff," a second wrote.

And a third resolved: "The best match I have ever seen."

Featured Image Credit: @AEW/Twitter

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