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YouTuber flies every US airline in a week to see which one is the best

YouTuber flies every US airline in a week to see which one is the best

YouTuber Airrack ended up flying with 28 airlines

A YouTuber has tested out every single domestic airline in the US in a marathon of flights.

The enormous journey ended up taking YouTuber Airrack all over the country in a journey to nowhere.

It really does hammer home the saying 'it's the journey that counts, not the destination'.

The YouTuber ended up flying with 28 airlines. (YouTube/Airrack)
The YouTuber ended up flying with 28 airlines. (YouTube/Airrack)

Airrack - real name Eric Decker - posts a variety of content on his channel, including making an enormous pizza or trying to trick people into thinking they had superpowers.

But on this occasion, he decided to take an epic journey sampling every domestic carrier there is in the US - 28 in total.

That's quite a lot to get through, especially within the rules that Airrack set for himself during the mammoth challenge ahead of him.

So what exactly were these rules he had to abide by?

He set himself rules for the challenge. (YouTube/Airrack)
He set himself rules for the challenge. (YouTube/Airrack)

Well first, and perhaps most difficult, he had to stay within the airports for the duration of his challenge.

So for the entirety of his journey he had to be either on a plane or in an airport.

That seems a little arbitrary when it comes to sampling each airline, but if it helps him to get through each one quicker then so be it!

The second was that for each airline he always had to buy the 'nicest' seat that they had on offer. This would make sure that the criteria was consistent across the challenge.

After all, it's not really fair to compare economy on one airline with business on another.

That's a tiny plane! (YouTube/Airrack)
That's a tiny plane! (YouTube/Airrack)

Outlining the criteria, Airrack said: “Price, comfort, service, and something that I like to call the X-factor. I want to leave these airlines room to surprise me."

As for the final rule, Airrack explained: "Rule number three: all food, drink, bathroom breaks, and sleep must occur on the plane or in the airport. Live by the plane, die by the plane."

To give him a helping hand on the ranking, the YouTuber had a number of pals testing out all the airport lounges and onboard bathrooms.

Despite things getting off to a rocky start with his first three flights either delayed or cancelled causing havoc with his 'meticulously planned flight map', he was soon on his way.

Airrack gave his viewers a detailed explanation of his experience onboard each flight, including the price and a rating.

The airlines were ranked from the highest 'S' class, then descending down from A to the lowest grade at F.

While several got an 'A' rating - including Alaska Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and Frontier Airlines - the only two to get an 'S' rating were Boutique and Lanai Air.

Finally, after a long week of air travel, Airrack took one last flight home to see his mom.

Even though he racked up a lot of air miles - 23,198 to be exact - Airrack noted that he is 'carbon offsetting' his entire experience.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Airrack

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