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Parent who brought entire family to wedding sparks fierce debate
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Parent who brought entire family to wedding sparks fierce debate

A parent on Reddit has sparked debate after he revealed he brought his entire family to his niece's wedding.

A parent has sparked debate after he revealed he brought his entire family to his niece's wedding day.

There is no questioning that weddings are a complicated matter, from the wedding cake to the guest list, there is an awful lot to consider.

Well, one Reddit user has caused a heated debate when it comes to weddings online after brining his large family to a wedding he was invited to.

Taking to the 'AmItheA**hole' subreddit on 9 January, the Reddit user asked: "“AITA for bringing 6 people with me to my niece’s wedding?"

The man explained how it was his niece, Ayla, who recently tied the knot. He went on to say that he has five children, ranging in ages from 17 to nine.

"When I received the invitation as a guest, it said, ‘[the man’s] Family' on the invite — which, in my mind, included my children, myself and my wife."

It's not exactly uncommon for those getting married to ban children to the wedding, an adult-only celebration essentially.

If this was the case for Ayla's wedding, this would impact the man. However, he clarified: "There was no child-free marriage or minimum age warning.

The events of the wedding day have sparked debate.
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"Even though Ayla is a little older, she always had a lot of contact when she was younger with my children (even more so with my oldest) and has contact at parties."

"From the invitation, I understood that my family was invited, and I took all my children."

The man's brother also brought his two children, though that didn't stop his sister, Ayla’s mother, confronting him during the party.

She approached him 'to ask if everyone really came', the man penned on Reddit.

"I confirmed, she didn’t say anything else — and I didn’t think about anything else," she added.

However, the parent claims he received a message from his sister the next day, labelling his behavior at the wedding as 'inconvenient' and that he "should have asked the bride and groom if I could take all my children, which almost didn’t have enough seats."

This is when the man told his sibling how he read the invite as an extended invitation to his children.

The man brought his five children to the celebrations.
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"She still doesn’t agree. She said that when you have a family that big, you have to confirm if you can take everyone and don’t guess," the man wrote.

The man asked his niece about this, when "she confirmed that it was a planning error of hers, but that she liked everyone there in the end."

Many have flocked to the comments section of the Reddit post to voice their reactions on the wedding chaos.

"There’s no issue here. Your sister is being angry on behalf of someone who doesn’t have an issue," one person suggested.

While a second added: "NTA, right there. The bride isn’t mad, and the bride said she was the one in error, and that she was happy to see your kids there."

On the other hand, some Reddit users dubbed the man as 'selfish' for bringing all of his children.

What do you think?

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