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Hawk Tuah girl has gone into 'virtual hiding' as she's 'nervous' from her newfound viral fame

Hawk Tuah girl has gone into 'virtual hiding' as she's 'nervous' from her newfound viral fame

The woman went viral online after being asked for a 'move which drives men crazy in the bedroom'

The woman who has become known online as the 'Hawk Tuah Girl' has gone into virtual hiding after her new found internet fame.

For those who don't know about the latest viral craze online, the woman - whose real name is Haliey Welch - was asked in a vox pop about one tip which would 'make a man go crazy in the bedroom'.

Welch responded by saying: "You gotta give it that hawk tuah", referencing the noise someone makes when they spit, before adding: "And spit on that thang."

With 'that thang' she is, of course, referring to a leather shoe, which one must spit on to polish more effectively and thus drive someone crazy with how unbelievably shiny it is.

Haliey Welch's answer involves a 'hawk tuah'. (YouTube/Tim & Dee)
Haliey Welch's answer involves a 'hawk tuah'. (YouTube/Tim & Dee)

If you're imagining it could refer to anything else, that's on you.

Welch has been quick to take advantage of her new-found viral fame, and is now selling caps and tee-shirts with the catchphrase emblazoned on them.

She co-operated with a local milliner to produce the hats with the catchphrase 'Hawk Tuah 24, Spit on that thang'.

These are being sold for $32.70, or $43.70 if you want one with her signature on it too.

But after coming forward as the woman in the viral video, Welch has gone into 'virtual hiding' while she processes how to deal with being under the internet spotlight.

This includes refusing to go the hat factory to sign the hats, with the hats instead being taken to a neutral location for her to sign.

Welch is reportedly staying with family in their remote home, according to reports from the Daily Mail. Friends and associates in the tightly-knit community have created a protective wall around her, the reports state.

This comes as the outlet reports that Welch has been left feeling 'nervous' due to the enormous amount of attention she is getting online.

She has partnered with local business Fathead Threads, owned by Jason Poteete and based in Marshall County, Tennessee.

Speaking to Rolling Stone, Poteete said: “She’s probably one of the most well-known people in the world at this point. But I don’t know if she’s embraced it.”

Fathead Threads are selling official merch online. (Facebook/Fathead Threads)
Fathead Threads are selling official merch online. (Facebook/Fathead Threads)

He added that she has felt 'overwhelmed' by the huge amount of attention she is getting, and also requested that he not feature her face on the merchandise.

Poteete said: “Of course she hasn’t gotten a dime from the first viral video that went out.

"Nobody was asking permission for her to do nothing, neither. I just wanted her to get some profit off of this deal.”

Poteete also revealed that Welch has contacted a lawyer to get the phrase 'hawk tuah' copyrighted.

Featured Image Credit: Tim & Dee TV

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