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Influencer who tried wearing painted pants to gym issues 'mock apology' after receiving brutal criticism
Featured Image Credit: Instagram / nataliereynolds/ X / @onlynatreynolds

Influencer who tried wearing painted pants to gym issues 'mock apology' after receiving brutal criticism

She turned up to the gym wearing body paint leggings as a 'social experiment', sparking a backlash

An influencer who went to the gym wearing body paint 'leggings' has issued what many have branded a sarcastic apology.

Natalie Reynolds, 25, was widely criticised when she went to the gym wearing leggings which were actually painted on.

A viral video shows a man at the gym confronting the social media star over the outfit.

Many people subsequently criticised Reynolds for the stunt, which she called a 'social experiment'.

In the video, the man can be heard saying: "If you don't have clothes on, you need to be out of here, ma'am.

"Not fine, I work in the industry enough to know. I work in the entertainment field."

Reynolds has previously responded to the backlash but has now doubled down further, issuing a sarcastic apology on her X page.

Natalie Reynolds hit back at people criticizing her video.

She wrote: "I’ve made a severe and continuous lapse in my judgment and I don’t expect to be forgive[n]. I am simply here to apologize."

The words are the exact same as the opening lines of YouTuber Logan Paul's apology video after his controversial Suicide Forest post.

People online were similarly unimpressed with the apology post, with many taking to the comments to share their views.

One wrote: "Or only saying this because of the hate and not because you're actually sorry."

A second replied: "Fake apology. She just wants more money."

Another posted: "Apologies have to come with changed behavior."

A community note was also added to the original post, which attempts to offer some further context to the video.

The note reads: "The man in the video is protecting the overall gym etiquette according to which you should wear clothes suitable for exercise.

Natalie Reynolds has become known for her controversial online behavior.

"Wearing unsuitable clothes or none at all is considered to be disrespectful towards the other. It is also a hygiene risk to others."

Reynolds had also made other posts about the stunt, including one showing her spending several hours having the body paint applied.

The outfit consisted of a gym top, bikini bottoms, and the body paint.

She previously wrote: "Why everyone acting like I was naked lmao. The amount of women who wear pants up the ass at the gym… This is nothing bad at all."

The influencer had also posted content from a male YouTuber with the caption: "So a guy YouTuber makes a video just like this but when I paint myself everyone is acting like the world is ending.

"Let me get my gains and shredded in peace pls."

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