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People have found the scene where they think The Simpsons predicted the Hawk Tuah girl

People have found the scene where they think The Simpsons predicted the Hawk Tuah girl

Whenever something happens that gets people talking, there has to be a moment in the Simpsons that 'predicted' it

Fans of The Simpsons have found the moment that they believe the show predicted the 'Hawk Tuah Girl'.

If you've been on social media in the last few days, you're likely to have across the latest viral phenomenon gripping the internet.

No not the US presidential debate, this is Haliey Welch - or as she is now extremely widely known thanks to the internet - the 'Hawk Tuah Girl'.

Haliey Welch, the 'Hawk Tuah' girl. (YouTube/Tim & Dee)
Haliey Welch, the 'Hawk Tuah' girl. (YouTube/Tim & Dee)

Welch was bestowed with the dubious honour of viral internet stardom following an vox pop with Tim and Dee TV .

This saw her asked about one technique which will 'make men go crazy'.

Welch responded by saying: "You gotta give it that HAWK TUAH", before emulating spitting and adding: "Spit on that thang."

Of course, 'that thang' refers to your own hand prior to sealing a deal with a handshake like a tough guy. Men would, of course, be driven crazy by just how dependable and salt-of-the-earth the handshake would be as a result.

You might think it refers to something else, but I assure you you are mistaken.

As the clip fused into the a viral critical mass it triggered the law of the internet which states that whenever something happens that gets people talking then The Simpsons must have predicted it at some point.

And true to form, people have now indeed found the moment they think the show 'predicted' the viral phenomenon.

Taking to X, one person wrote: "Did the Simpsons predict Hawk Tuah? Season 4, Episode 8, New Kid on the Block.

"Bart falls in love after she spits on that thang… or Bart’s hand anyway."

And another wrote: "The Simpsons predicted Hawk Tuah"

The episode saw a new character introduced to the show and followed Bart. as he falls in love with his babysitter, Laura.

Unfortunately, Laura is dating Jimbo Jones, one of the bullies, much to Bart's dismay.

He gets around it by prank calling Moe's Tavern and getting the enraged Moe to come and threaten Jimbo with a 'rusty and dull' knife, prompting Laura to break up with him.

The Simpsons moment. (Disney)
The Simpsons moment. (Disney)

But what about the 'hawk tuah' reference?

Well, this happened when Laura plays a prank on Bart while the pair are sat outside the family home.

She does the prank where you 'read someone's palm' and tell them they're going to be rich.

There's a tennis court, big mansion, and of course a swimming pool, at which point she spits on Bart's hand.

So there you have it!

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@hailey_welch93/Disney

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