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Facebook outage has everyone saying the same thing after they're asked for their passwords to log in again

Facebook outage has everyone saying the same thing after they're asked for their passwords to log in again

Many Facebook users across the globe were logged out of their accounts earlier today.

Many Facebook users across the world were logged out of their profiles earlier today and many are all saying the same thing.

Facebook and Instagram users scurried online just hours ago, reporting both of their apps no longer working properly.

Instagram users couldn't load their feeds and Facebook users were kicked out from their accounts and told to log in again - so much so that the

incident saw many Facebook users flock to other social media platforms making the same joke.

Reports to Down Detector started flooding in about Facebook and Instagram being down at around 3:00pm earlier today (March 5).

It didn't take long for people to run to X to question if they were the only ones experiencing issues and why the Meta platforms had gone down.

A user said: "When you realise both Facebook and Instagram are down and everybody rushing towards X."

However, others also ran to alternate social media site Reddit, with many admitting to doing exactly the same thing when they first realised they were logged out of Facebook in particular.

Reports for Facebook on Down Detector.
Down Detector

User 305FUN2 took to Reddit to share an article about the outage and thousands of Facebook users rapidly replied.

U/starglitter was the first to set off the joke, writing: "Hundreds of thousands - 'F*ck, what was my password?'"

The comment has received upwards of 2,000 likes and many users have flocked to it in agreement.

While another commented: "Literally my house is awash with, 'what’s my password?!?!?'"

"I don’t think I’ve actually logged on with my password for at least 5 years," someone else added.

And one person said: "That was definitely me."

Facebook and Instagram went down earlier today (5 March).
X/ @andymstone

The conversation even spilled onto X too, one user noting: "Not me changing my passwords on FB three times in five minutes thinking I got hacked only to find out that Facebook/IG are down for everyone."

Another added: "Facebook isn't working. Glad it's not just me. I thought I'd forgotten my password. Lol."

"Please tell me someone else’s Facebook isn’t working, and I haven’t just forgotten my password," a third commented.

And a fourth said: "Some of you have forgotten your Facebook password, you'd be forced to remember them today."

Meta has yet to release a public statement about the outage or why it occurred however, Communications Director at the company, Andy Stone, did take to X to acknowledge: "We're aware people are having trouble accessing our services. We are working on this now."

UNILAD has contacted Meta for comment.

Featured Image Credit: NurPhoto / Contributor

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