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Woman sparks debate after husband who wanted an ‘open relationship’ now wants it closed after she begins seeing someone
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Woman sparks debate after husband who wanted an ‘open relationship’ now wants it closed after she begins seeing someone

Other Reddit users are calling on her to end the relationship.

Some couples try different things to spice up their relationships, such as going on more frequent date nights or role-playing.

Meanwhile, some couples feel comfortable enough in their own relationships to take things one step further, delving into the world of 'open relationships'.

She decided to share her tricky situation on Reddit for advice.

However, one person on Reddit has run into a series of issues after her husband, who wanted the open relationship, has now decided they want to 'close' the relationship again after she started seeing someone.

Posted on the Reddit page r/TrueOffMyChest, the poster shares her predicament as she looks for advice on how to deal with the issue.

She writes: "I f(24) and husband m(23) of 4 years as the title suggests had an open relationship until now."

"This started when about a year back my husband wanted to open the relationship since he 'never experienced what it was like to date other people.'"

She goes on to say that she was originally 'vehemently against' the idea of an open relationship, but caved after months of 'pressuring and cold shoulders'.

The OP doesn't want to give up on their relationship just yet.

"At first every time he went out I would be depressed and would stay at home by myself crying. I felt incredibly insecure and inadequate since it was clear he didn’t want me anymore. After a little while I started getting in shape and going to the gym when he would leave. I thought that if I looked great he would want to close the relationship again since I let myself go when we got married," she wrote.

She explains that, while going to the gym, she met a woman who mentioned she had the same issue with her husband. The pair began meeting frequently for dinners and coffee, but the OP clarified that 'there was no intimacy between us'. However, she continues to say that her husband found out about the meet ups and didn't like that she was 'seeing someone else'.

Her husband is now demanding that the relationship is closed.

Other Reddit users were quick to take to the comments and share their opinions.

One wrote: "You implied that you didn't do anything sexual with Cindy. So basically he's upset that you have a platonic friend to hang out with while he's f**king other people? You don't need him."

Another said: "There's a thousand red flags here. I know OP doesn't like to giving up on people but this is a get-out-while-you-can situation."

A third added: "I would nope out of this marriage so fast!"

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