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University Ridiculed After Moving Swimming Test Online

University Ridiculed After Moving Swimming Test Online

Shanghai University has been mocked by internet users after seemingly moving its swimming test online

Shanghai University has found itself being mocked by internet users after it seemingly moved a swimming test for students 'online' following covid outbreaks across the city.

Last week, the university announced that students who still needed to complete the mandatory swimming test required to graduate could do so online.

The change was revealed in a now-deleted notice which has been screengrabbed and widely shared across social media.

The post, which garnered a whopping 120 million views, read: "For students who have not completed the 50-meter swimming test, the school will use the method of "submitting theoretical homework online" for the assessment."


Despite the move to an online test to 'ensure that the graduation process proceeds smoothly', Shanghai University has become a laughing stock after catching the attention of internet users who have ridiculed the university for its 'embarrassing' approach.

One Weibo user commented: "Are the students supposed to swim in their bathtubs?".

Another Weibo user wrote: "This is just embarrassing, coming from a reputable university. How can a theory test be the same as an actual lap in the pool?" 

For students to meet the swimming requirement before graduating, they must complete a test titled 'Basic Theory of Swimming'.


However, despite the students not being required to swim at home, internet users have been quick to mock the replacement test.

Users continued to poke fun at the university's decision by sharing videos of themselves pretending to swim at home. One Weibo user shared a video of himself diving into his bed and 'swimming', with the user seen sporting a swimming cap and goggles.

The viral video also drew the attention of reddit users on the Not the Onion subreddit, with one user commenting: "Surf the net for answers to your online swimming test."

Another joked: ""do you know how to swim?" "Theoretically I aced the online exam.""

According to South China Morning Post, students at some of China's top universities are required to master swimming as it's considered an essential survival skill.

Although the number of covid cases in the region has fallen, millions of Shanghai residents are still under lockdown, with authorities set to lift the two-month long restrictions on 1 June.

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Featured Image Credit: Weibo

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