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Woman sparks huge debate after claiming men should spend $200 for her ‘presence’ on first date

Woman sparks huge debate after claiming men should spend $200 for her ‘presence’ on first date

There are no right answers when it comes to dating etiquette

It seems that when it comes to modern dating, there are simply no correct answers.

Whether it's the etiquette of texting a match or the best location for a first date, everyone has an opinion on how best to navigate the world of dating.

But one woman has sparked a huge debate on social media after listing one particular demand that she would have for a first date.

One of the eternal dating questions is who should pay for the first date.

Some people might want to split it equally, while those of a more traditional mindset might expect the man to pay.

And that's certainly what this young woman made clear when she spoke to thedesireabletruth in a TikTok video while on a night out with a friend.

When asked the most she would expect a man to drop on a first date with her, she had quite the response.

Her friend was left shocked when she said what she expects.
TikTok / thedesireabletruth

The woman said that she would expect a man to spend $200 on a first date with her, much to the apparent surprise of her friend as well.

She explained that this was due to the cost of all the beauty products she would have to use to go out.

“I feel like if I’m going to get ready and I’m going to use all my products to come out with you, I need like a minimum of $200", she said.

The interviewer then posed a rather awkward question, asking what 'the man gets in return'.

Without hesitating, she replied: "My presence."

She then listed the cost of her skincare products as justification, saying that her moisturiser costs $400, her eye cream is $300, another $300 for serum - and that's not including make up.

And people certainly had things to say about the interview.

She said she would want someone to spend $200 on a first date.
TikTok / desireabletruth

One sided with her, writing: “If he can’t invest in a date then he doesn’t have the capability in investing in a possible relationship, family with dependants."

Another said: "Keep up the standards. The right one will come along."

While a second commented: "He's dating you....not the product you use."

Someone else pointed out that the most important thing is getting to know the other person.

They wrote: "My aim is to get to know if I’m compatible with a person. We could go to McDonald’s for all I care."

In the end, it all depends on what you're looking for, and if you're looking for a rich husband then that's certainly one way to go about it.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/thedesirabletruth

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