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Wife threatens to protest outside brothel after husband spent $4K on seven-hour sex bender
Featured Image Credit: Best Brothel Gold Coast /Facebook

Wife threatens to protest outside brothel after husband spent $4K on seven-hour sex bender

The owner of the brothel said that the wife should take the matter up with her husband

A wife has threatened to protest outside a brothel after discovering that her husband had visited there as a customer.

But not only did he visit, he went on a seven-hour-long sex bender, reportedly paying for multiple sex workers and a number of 'extras'.

The whole escapade is said to have ended up costing a whopping $6,000 AUD, around $4,000.

It emerged that the man had apparently paid for the first hour with two sex workers at the establishment in Gold Coast Australia in cash, as he didn't want his wife to find out.

But it turned that one hour was not enough, and the customer reportedly attempted a bank transfer to stay on at the establishment.

When that was just pending, he gave in and used a credit card instead.

The romp apparently then continued on for a total of seven hours, until the two employees finally said that they were too tired to go on.

Management explained that most people who visit the brothel only stay for a half-hour 'standard service'.

Needless to say when the man's wife discovered his $4,000 sex-capade she was not impressed, and marched her husband back to the Pentagon Grand brothel where she claimed that he had been 'drunk and on drugs' and had no memory of the incident.

The Pentagon Grand brothel.
Pentagon Grand – Best Brothel Gold Coast /Facebook

But management at the Pentagon Grand produced CCTV footage which showed the man negotiating a 'good deal' for his visit, something they claim he would not have been able to do if he had been under the influence.

The understandably furious wife then threatened to protest outside.

Manager Suzanne Pfeifer said: “We’ve told her she’s welcome to peacefully protest on public property, but if we have any concerns for safety we would have to call the police."

She continued: “My concern is that male clients walking in would not appreciate this and verbal altercations can quickly escalate.

“We have advised her to call the police if she believes her husband has been ‘ripped off,’ because she won’t listen to us.”

The manager went on to suggest that rather than taking it up with the sex workers at the brothel, who were just doing their job, she take the matter up with her husband.

The man reportedly spent $4,000 for seven hours at the brothel.
Pentagon Grand – Best Brothel Gold Coast /Facebook

Pfeifer said: “This is not our problem. We are a legal business and this was a legitimate service with a legitimate charge."

She added: “He knew what he was doing … he just got caught.

“If the woman is mad about the $6000 AUD [$4,000], take it up with the husband - not us.

“It’s not fair that we’re the ones getting harassed … go bother him about it. It’s like blaming the casino for your husband gambling … we don’t control his actions.”

While carrying out sex work on the street is illegal in Australia, brothels are legal to operate in certain states. In Queensland the establishment must obtain a licence from the local government.

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