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Man reveals shocking realities behind being a 'professional sexter' for OnlyFans models

Man reveals shocking realities behind being a 'professional sexter' for OnlyFans models

The unusual job certainly has a dark side to it

For some people, sexting is something to do as a cheeky past-time... or when you get a 'You up?' text at 11pm on a Friday night.

But for one man, sexting is his bread and butter.

A professional sexter recently took to Reddit to field questions from the public about his unusual profession.

In his opening post, he wrote: "For a long time I was working as a professional sexter, handling several OF (OnlyFans) accounts where I have to pretend I'm the model, not only I've worked as independent but also in agencies, just last month I made close to 10.000$ (for the agency) talking to men all over the world who would have the model as a GF [girlfriend], slave or dominant amongst others."

As you'd expect, the questions posed to him brought out some... erm, interesting details about the people who use his services.

When one Redditor asked what the kinkiest thing he'd ever written was, he had an answer that was absolutely NSFW (not safe for work).

A man has opened up about his role being a 'professional sexter'. (Pixabay)
A man has opened up about his role being a 'professional sexter'. (Pixabay)

He replied: "One time a guy told me he could not buy anything cause he was in his office, so I looked in the model's vault (where OF store the pics and videos) and found some pics of her all dressed up like an executive.

"So I sent him those pics saying that I could be his assistant, he went crazy over them and then I wrote a whole story about what I (as the model) would do to him and would allow him to do to me...

"That went on for about 3 hours, the guy spent about $200 and c*me twice all over his desk."

Here's hoping that guy didn't work in an office with glass walls...

One posed a question about the man's sexuality, asking: "Does this get uncomfortable writing this stuff?"

The man handled several OnlyFans accounts. (Getty Stock Image)
The man handled several OnlyFans accounts. (Getty Stock Image)

Affirming that he was straight, the professional sexter went on to say: "It does not, most of the time i would write from my point of view as a man and then just change things like 'your p***y' to 'my p***y' and 'my c**k' to 'your c**k' and that's it.

"Uncomfortable is to see the d**k pics, and the a**h***s opening up and balls... All that. Most men have disgusting c**ks! And can't take a f**king decent d**k pic!"

Even a tech question came up, as one user asked: "Will AI eventually completely takeover this job or do you think the personal touch is what has made you successful?"

The man replied: "I used AI all the time, and erotic stories from lots of subreddits.

"Not only it can take over it is already happening. Right now as in WhatsApp and Instagram, you can program answers and it's certainly getting to the point that AI could hold at least a very realistic basic conversation, but, we pray on the traumas and weaknesses of the users, that kind of f**ked up mentality cannot be replaced by AI yet."


Well, it's just like your mother said - don't believe everything you read online.

Featured Image Credit: Getty Images/Dejan Marjanovic/John Phillips

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