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Male porn star with over 500 adult film credits reveals the things even he wouldn't do on camera

Male porn star with over 500 adult film credits reveals the things even he wouldn't do on camera

Porn star Sam Shock about his boundaries during a Q&A, and I think we'd all agree that that boundary is there for a reason

Boundaries are not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a male porn star, but even they have things they wouldn't do on camera.

For the last six years, Sam Shock has been in the professional porn industry and has featured in over 500 adult films, starring in everything from scenes with production giant Brazzers, and now even owning a studio.

In a bid to demystify the industry, the experienced porn star has taken to Reddit and asked users to ask him anything.

The question many were dying to know: do you get tired of having sex?

They continued to say 'everyone thinks how can you. But really, after a while it seems monotonous. I love sex, but 500?'

Sam replied: "You also have to factor in a lot of these films it’s more than just 1 girl I have sex with and I also shoot my own porn for OnlyFans so the numbers actually much bigger lol.

"But yes at times I do get burned out and I take breaks from working."

Tragically, he also shared he's 'known many women who have pimps' who force them into porn.

He said: "I think those guys just learn new ways to manipulate women as technology evolves sadly.

"There are some heavy drug users but also many very clean cut girls who are truly professional with end goals."

As for the craziest things he's seen on a porn set, his answer was pretty wild.

He said: "I’ve jump started girls periods before, cops were called for a girl's stalker ex once, girls have thrown up on my dick and 1 lost control of her bowels while shooting."

And what boundaries has Sam set himself and has there ever been any scenes that he has refused?

Sam might be right to set that boundary! (Getty Images)
Sam might be right to set that boundary! (Getty Images)

He replied: "I’ve turned down movie offers many times that I didn’t think were the right fit for me. But I’ve never got on set and flat out refused. I will let the director know if something goes against my boundaries though.

"Yeah I’m not into the 'legal porn' type of content, you know the extreme stuff like triple anal. I’d go soft."

Now, I'm not too sure we're all aware of what triple anal is, but if you aren't, I'll leave it to you to search for yourself.

Other questions he was asked and answered was what his skincare routine was for his privates and whether he keeps receipts to claim anything against his taxes for expenses.

Sam explained that he has undergone laser hair removal on his 'butt and groin region' as his personal preference is 'being smooth', and that he claims back on costumes, equipment and grooming procedures.

Well I hope some of your answers have been questioned, I'm sure we all have a question or two about the adult industry.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@samshock2

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