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Woman who slept with 300 people in one year thanks Andrew Tate after he slammed her behavior
Featured Image Credit: TikTok/Annie Knight. Twitter/X/Andrew Tate

Woman who slept with 300 people in one year thanks Andrew Tate after he slammed her behavior

Business is booming for Annie Knight thanks to Tate's attempted burn.

A woman who slept with 300 people in just one year has thanked Andrew Tate for giving her a shoutout.

Annie Knight has attracted a lot of headlines for her jaw-dropping body count in 365 days.

She said her year of fun was 'empowering' and she felt fantastic.

However, not everyone approves of her sexual choices.

The New York Post uploaded an article on Knight to their Twitter/X account, which caught the attention of Tate.

He retweeted the story and simply wrote 'haram', which means forbidden in Islamic law.

Tate's post has been seen by nearly five million accounts, which is more than half of Tate's entire following on Twitter/X.

That has clearly resulted in a lot of people flocking to Annie Knight's social media pages to see what her story is all about.

It's also led to many subscribing to her OnlyFans.

The Australian woman has posted a video to TikTok where she has thanked Tate for all the extra eyeballs on her.

"Andrew Tate reposted me on his Twitter and I've made $56,000 this week because of him," she said.

That is an incredible sum of money for just one week.

Knight also posted another video to prove her haters wrong.

Some people in the comments section were doubting how much money she had been making from OnlyFans.

She revealed in a screenshot of her accounts that she had made a cool AUD$160,000 in just one month.

Knight said at the start of the year she was earning around $30,000 each month, which is still unbelievably impressive.

However, as her following started to rise, so too did the dollar signs.

She's expecting to crack the $200,000 mark by the end of this month.

Apparently the 26-year-old is in the top 0.4 percent of creators on the platform.

Like many people do in this day and age, Annie uses popular dating apps to find her sexual partners, and also utilises her OnlyFans page.

She also has eight 'regulars' she meets up with on a weekly basis.

Annie sleeps with both men and woman and shared with UNILAD whom she prefers sleeping with.

"I think they both offer different things," she told us.

"I think women know a way around a woman’s body a lot better for obvious reasons, but there’s something about sleeping with a man that’s intense and passionate.

"So basically, they both have their pros and cons, I don’t think I could pick one over the other."

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