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Woman hospitalized after first date ends with NSFW accident in the bedroom

Woman hospitalized after first date ends with NSFW accident in the bedroom

Adult star Alicia Davis had to spend two days in hospital

A woman was left requiring a trip to hospital after a date that was going very well ended with an embarrassing blunder.

First dates are never nice are they? On top of the nerves, you've got to learn a lot about a certain individual while also finding out if they have good table manners.

On top of that you're trying not to make an embarrassment of yourself. To put it simply, first dates are just pure stress.

Alicia Davis' first date with a guy was going extremely well, and the mood was right for them to take things to the bedroom.

But as she explained in a viral TikTok video, Davis found herself needing medical attention after suffering an 'unfortunate sex mishap'.

A sex toy mishap sent Alicia to the ER (TikTok/littlebrunettebaddiee)
A sex toy mishap sent Alicia to the ER (TikTok/littlebrunettebaddiee)

Davis revealed that she had been using an anal plug, but what happened next was certainly unfortunate.

Speaking to, the 32-year-old said: "All of a sudden it felt like it had fallen out of me."

After searching the sheets and turning the bedroom upside down, Davis had no idea where the NSFW toy had gone.

"So we stopped, and I put my hand down there to discover that it was gone," she added.

"We started pulling the doona and the pillows off the bed, looking underneath the bed for it... but it was no where to be found."

The sex toy hadn't 'disappeared'; it was instead lodged inside her.

Davis explained on her TikTok that she immediately rang her friend who is a nurse for some advice.

And after her pal had a good laugh at the bedroom mishap, it was decided Davis would need to visit an emergency room.

Even some of the medical staff at the hospital found it hilarious as they began treating Davis.

Davis had an unfortunate mishap (TikTok/@littlebrunettebaddiee)
Davis had an unfortunate mishap (TikTok/@littlebrunettebaddiee)

An internal examination and X-ray revealed the true location of the toy and the TikToker underwent surgery.

"At the hospital, I had two people try and get it out – but they couldn’t," Davis added.

"The nurses told me I would need to be put to sleep for surgery, so my body would be relaxed enough for them to remove it."

Thankfully, the sex toy was removed successfully, although Davis had to wait in hospital two days since she was considered low priority as she wasn't in pain.

Once the toy was successfully removed, hospital staff even asked Davis if she wanted to keep it.

"Throw it out as I have plenty more at home," she replied.

The ordeal left Davis 'terrified' about using anal plugs again for two months after the incident.

Now, however, she's back using them, though she admits she is 'a lot more careful'.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@littlebrunettebaddiee

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