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Security Footage Captures Mysterious Pale Creature

Security Footage Captures Mysterious Pale Creature

A mysterious pale figure has been caught on security footage, sparking intense debate.

A mysterious pale figure has been caught on security footage, sparking intense debate among ghost hunters and paranormal enthusiasts.

As if the hot weather wasn't already giving you a challenge to try and drift off to sleep, footage of a strange 'Pale creature' has been widespread online, and it's enough to keep anyone up at night.

Looking like a scene out of Stranger Things or Harry Potter, a small, creepy pale being has been captured on video near Morehead, KY, sparking conversation on Twitter as to just what it could be.

Make your mind up for yourself:

The video shows a recording of a pale white, lanky sort of figure, which appears quite human-like but hunched over in a distorted position.

The figure is recorded in the front or back garden of a person's house, approaching the home owner's car.

The home owner says: "You can see his face clearly."

The 'Pale creature' was caught on camera near Moorhead, KY.
@ParanormalityM/ Twitter

The video, shared by Paranormality Magazine, has amassed more than 250,000 views, thousands of likes and hundreds of comments.

Users have flocked to the post to analyse the recording in further detail and debate what the mysterious figure could be.

One questioned: "It's a video recording of a monitor playing the recording isn't it? Not the actual video itself."

"You know the exact location? I’m part of a paranormal research team based in Morehead," another user said.

A third pointed out: "The question I have, is this infrared?

"Because the pale creature would actually be dark colored (Dude in a black suit) and showing up white in that case. I know it’s not your vid but things like that can reveal a lot of missed detail."

However, Paranormality Magazine replied to a few users, noting it was actually 'a bit disappointed by the video' because it thinks 'it's a guy in a suit'.

"This is clearly just somebody dicking around lol," one user said.

Paranormality Magazine replied: "Agreed."

However, one user stated they 'don't care if this one is legit'.

"The fact that people do report to experience something like this makes me just thinking how fantastic it is for imagining how it might feel," they said.

Another responded: "It's insane, more cameras people have, the more we see!! Win win."

The sighting of the 'Pale Creature' in Morehead follows shortly after a similar strange and mysterious being was caught on a zoo's surveillance camera in Amarillo, Texas.

The sighting has left not only locals but officials baffled too, with authorities having since asked for help to try and identify the being and figure out how it got into the zoo in the middle of the night.

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Featured Image Credit: @ParanormalityM/Twitter

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