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Scammer posing as Andrew Tate removed from TikTok following millionaire swindle fail
Featured Image Credit: lcv / Alamy Stock Photo

Scammer posing as Andrew Tate removed from TikTok following millionaire swindle fail

A TikTok user using voice alteration technology posted a since-deleted video trying to rope in those hoping to make a fortune.

A scammer has surfaced on social media masquerading as disgraced social media influencer Andrew Tate in an apparent attempt to separate hopeful people from their hard-earned cash.

Can the real Andrew Tate please stand up? Wait, he's in jail. We're going to have a problem here.

Vice reported that a TikTok user posted a since-deleted video trying to rope in aspiring millionaires to make money through his cash-grab scheme.

While the user never states he is, in fact, the influencer, he impersonates Tate’s distinct low voice using AI.

In the since-deleted video, the scammer says: “Hello, my future millionaires.

“I have a very important message to tell you, I’m back. I’m finally back, I will not tell you where I am; if you think about it, you probably realize who I am, we are starting from the beginning again.

“I’ll teach you to make money, I’ll make you financially free, I’ll change your mindset and way of thinking and so on.”

He may not be Tate, but sounds just as annoying.

And now time for the plug, folks.

He continues: “I created a program called Real Reality, which includes hundreds of ways to make money and a lot of very useful stuff.

“For example, you can learn everything about business, change your mindset, and get other knowledge.”

My god, add one more sales buzzword while you’re at it.

He concludes: “Remember, your future needs, your past doesn’t, now follow and stay in touch; God bless you.”

A link was also included, redirecting to a site called ‘Behind Real Reality’ where you can purchase an ‘Online Wealth Creation Course’ for €19.99 (USD $ 21.14).

Behind The Reality

However, this ploy is not dissimilar to the real Tate’s, who created his very own ‘Hustler's University’, an online academy for fans of the influencer, promising them to earn thousands.

The programme had Tate’s followers earn commissions for signing up new members and encouraged them to post videos of him to get as many views as possible.

This is essentially what propelled the former kickboxer’s social media career.

The Guardian reported that followers were instructed to create ‘arguments’ and ‘war’ by posting controversial clips to generate more views and engagement, thus bringing subscribers to Hustler’s University.

According to the outlet, in one specific online course, followers were told that accumulating ‘comments and controversy’ is the key to success: “What you ideally want is a mix of 60-70 per cent fans and 40-30 per cent haters.

“You want arguments, you want war.”

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