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TV reporter praised for shoving aggressive fan with 'stiff arm' during live broadcast

TV reporter praised for shoving aggressive fan with 'stiff arm' during live broadcast

A sports reporter taught a rowdy fan a lesson in manners

There's nothing quite like live television, is there?

One reporter from Miami had to think on her feet whilst reporting at the Stanley Cup final as a fan got a little too close for comfort.

The play off was between the Vegas Golden Knights and the Florida Panthers in Las Vegas, with the Knights coming out victorious with a five point lead over the Panthers.

As Samantha Rivera was reporting on the ice hockey event for CBS Miami, a rowdy sports fan tried barging into the shot.

However, the dedicated journalist was not going to let him ruin her shot and she firmly strong armed him out of frame.

As the man was pushed out of the shot, Rivera remarked: "Oh nope! Nope! That's the kind of fan you don't want to be, alright?"

Samantha Rivera has been praised for her 'stiff arm' after a fan tried interrupting her broadcast.

Once the disruption had passed, the professional presenter returned to her duties as she said: "Let's get into the highlights."

Later on Twitter, Rivera made her feelings clear about fans who interrupt sports broadcasts.

Rivera wrote: "Listen, I don't give a damn what team you're rooting for -- get the hell out of my face when I'm working and respect that I'm here to do my job.

"Excited to get back home to some classy #Panthers fans for game 3!!"

Rivera earned tons of praise on social media, particularly with regards to her 'stiff arm' that she used to shove the man away.

One admirer wrote: "Samantha 'Derrick Henry' Rivera!", making reference to the NFL star who plays for the Tennessee Titans and has a reputation as a strong running back.

Another user drawing a football comparison tweeted: "Dude got stiff armed by a five foot tall 95 lb woman. He looked like a punter trying to tackle Derrick Henry."

Samantha Rivera swiftly shoved a fan out of shot.
CBS News Miami

A fellow Twitter user wrote: "What an absolute pro she is… can’t imagine having to do that. Shameful behaviour", whilst another remarked: "Channel 4 definitely hired the right reporter to handle the hockey assignment.

"That was professional perfection."

Other fans took to creating gifs of the moment, whilst lauding Rivera as a 'pro' and their new 'favorite reporter'.

"You just cemented yourself as one of my favorite reporters, way to handle the situation!" gushed one follower.

Another spoke for most people when he tweeted: "That was one of the best professionals that didn't break and you kept him from interfering in your broadcast fully. What a stiff arm. That is the best I have ever seen in years. You rock."

At least if reporting doesn't work out, Rivera could have a promising future in American football.

Featured Image Credit: CBS News Miami

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