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Sadie Sink Didn't Even Know Who Kate Bush Was Before Filming Scene
Featured Image Credit: Netflix/BBC

Sadie Sink Didn't Even Know Who Kate Bush Was Before Filming Scene

The Stranger Things star admitted she had not heard of Kate Bush before the show

Stranger Things actor Sadie Sink did not know who Kate Bush was before filming season four.

Episode four of the new season - titled 'Dear Billy' - features a scene involving Sink's Max Mayfield which has been hailed as one of the greatest in TV history, with fans even petitioning for Sink to be awarded an Emmy.

The episode sees Max fall victim to Upside Down villain Vecna. Sink's ability to capture Max's heartbreak and fear has left fans obsessed.

Apart from her amazing performance, fans of the episode will know how important Max's favourite song 'Running Up That Hill' is to her survival.

The song, which undoubtedly has been stuck in everyone's heads since Stranger Things season four dropped, is performed by iconic singer songwriter Kate Bush.

Despite the importance of the song to Max's storyline, Sink has revealed that prior to filming, she did not know who Bush was.

The 20-year-old actor told Vanity Fair: "I did not know Kate Bush beforehand, but then I immediately skimmed through her work and then became increasingly more obsessed, and then I was listening to her all the time."


Although the actress has lost count of the amount of times she's listened to 'Running Up That Hill', she admits she's still not sick of the song.

She added: "Knowing the emotional connection that [Max] has to that song, and how it’s kind of her anthem, played into it.

"It’s something about the energy of the song, the synth and the lyrics and everything. It’s so perfect. They could not have picked a more perfect song."


Sink also revealed that during filming she had the song playing through her headphones and had even spent a whole day listening to the song when she was at home to see if she would 'go insane'.

However the actor was not fed up of the song and said: "Honestly! It just brings up so many emotions, and it’s such an epic sequence, and I feel like it’ll always be tied to that moment."

'Running Up That Hill' has since re-entered the charts worldwide. The song, which was released in 1985, has reached new heights of popularity and is on course to snag UK number one.


Bush recently expressed her gratitude after her song reached number one in Norway and Austria.

She said: "The track is being responded to in so many positive ways. I've never experienced anything quite like this before!"

She also thanked fans of the show and the shows creators the Duffer Brothers, she said: "I just want to say a really big thank you to everyone in the US who has supported the song." 

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