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Russian Politician Labels UK As Putin’s Next ‘Prime Target’

Russian Politician Labels UK As Putin’s Next ‘Prime Target’

He claimed Great Britain is a 'prime target' for a nuclear strike without NATO consultation

A Russian politician has claimed the UK is Vladimir Putin's next 'prime target'.

Putin's 'special military operation' in Ukraine has stretched into its eighth week, with Russian forces gearing up for an offensive in the 'battle for Donbas'. However, shelling continues to rock cities across the country.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy warned in his latest address that Moscow may launch a more extensive operation across Europe off the back of Ukraine, a claim seemingly backed by a Russian lawmaker on state TV.

The lawmaker claimed the UK is Putin's next 'prime target'.

Appearing on Russia-1, a channel controlled by the Kremlin, one politician said that Russia 'can carry put a nuclear strike against Great Britain' with relative ease.

Sharing the clip to Twitter, The Daily Beast's Julia Davis wrote: "Appearing on Kremlin-controlled state TV, Russian lawmaker had some choice words and nuclear threats for Great Britain and Prime Minister Boris Johnson."

In the video, the lawmaker says: "Consider the statement about the possibility of a nuclear strike against Russia without consulting NATO.

"Listen, we can carry out a nuclear strike against Great Britain without consultations with NATO.

"Great Britain is a prime target for that. It is an island nation, which would minimise the damage to the continent.

"It has weak missile defences. If they move without consulting NATO then Article 5 on a collective defence may not be in force.

"I was listening to him and I thought that noose of Mr Johnson's neck during his trip to India suits him very well."

Russian journalist Vladimir Solovyov recently claimed that UK news channels were broadcasting images and reports of the massacres in Bucha and elsewhere in Ukraine to prepare the public for a nuclear attack.

Also appearing on Russia-1, he said: "It's the perfect option for the West. Not America as it would be a pity for them [to be hit in retaliation], but Britain strikes the country which is guilty of genocide, and which is upsetting poor, unhappy Zelenskyy.

"It also becomes clear that we've taken out a load of British instructors in Ukraine. And Britain, which possesses nuclear weapons, strikes us with tactical nukes."

While not alerting to the possibility of a nuclear strike, Five Eyes – comprised of the UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and US – warned the Russian government may be planning cyber attacks against nuclear stations, the NHS and other critical services.

The collective warned it was in response to 'unprecedented economic sanctions' imposed on Russia.

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