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Rupert Murdoch ended his marriage to Jerry Hall with brutal 33 word email

Rupert Murdoch ended his marriage to Jerry Hall with brutal 33 word email

Murdoch and Hall were married for six years but he reportedly ended their relationship with just a few sentences

Media mogul Rupert Murdoch reportedly ended his six-year marriage to Jerry Hall with an email telling her he'd decided to call it quits.

The pair had tied the knot in March 2016 a week before Murdoch's 85th birthday in a ceremony at a mansion in London.

Murdoch and Hall were married for six years before reports in June 2022 claimed that they were set to divorce, with Hall filing on 1 July citing 'irreconcilable differences'.

Their separation was finalised a month later, but now reports are claiming that it was Murdoch who decided to end the marriage and did so with a curt 33 word email letting Hall know it was all over.

According to Vanity Fair, last year Hall was waiting for her then 91-year old husband to arrive at their Oxfordshire estate when she checked her phone and discovered there was an email Murdoch.

Vanity Fair reports that Rupert Murdoch ended his six year marriage to Jerry Hall in one email.
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The paper claims that it was a message telling the 65-year-old that their relationship was over in no uncertain terms, and that she could expect the legal details to follow.

"Jerry, sadly I’ve decided to call an end to our marriage," the brief but brutal email reportedly read.

"We have certainly had some good times, but I have much to do. My New York lawyer will be contacting yours immediately."

Hall was said to be 'blindsided' by the message as she 'never fought' with her husband, though Vanity Fair reported that there had been some disagreements over certain issues including his anti-abortion stance.

Apparently one of the terms of the divorce they agreed was that Hall couldn't give the writers of hit show Succession any story ideas, with Vanity Fair saying that Murdoch's son James was accused of already doing this by his brother Lachlan.

Jerry Hall was said to be 'blindsided' by the email telling her Murdoch wanted to end things because he had 'much to do'.
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Hall was reportedly told that she had 30 days to move all of her things out and would have to show receipts to prove that the things she was taking actually belonged to her.

She got their Oxfordshire home in the divorce and supposedly discovered that the security cameras on the property were still sending footage back to Fox, one of the wings of Murdoch's media conglomerate.

Upon discovering this, Hall's ex and Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger supposedly sent someone round to the house to disable the cameras for her.

Murdoch recently proposed to new partner Ann Lesley Smith, though her time as his fiancée didn't last long as two weeks after announcing the engagement he declared that it was off.

UNILAD has contacted representatives of Murdoch and Hall for comment.

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