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Aunt of ‘missing’ teen says he wants no contact with mom after police reveal that he was never missing

Aunt of ‘missing’ teen says he wants no contact with mom after police reveal that he was never missing

The aunt of a man who went 'missing' as a teenager has said he doesn't want contact with his mom, but police said otherwise

The aunt of a teenager who was reported missing eight years ago has said he wants no contact with his mother.

Rudy Farias, 25, was found recently after being reported missing in 2015 aged 17 when two family dogs returned home without him from a walk.

Last week (1 July), it was announced that eight years after being declared missing, he'd been found alive outside a church a few miles from his family home in Texas.

He'd been covered in cuts and bruises but was alive, though he was described by his mom Janie Santana as non-verbal.

However, since the announcement that he'd been found eight years after going missing some strange claims were made as some neighbors said he hadn't been missing for all of that time and police have confirmed that Farias used fake names to avoid detection.

Rudy Farias was declared missing in 2015 but since he was found people have claimed that he wasn't really missing after all.
Facbeook/Texas Center for the Missing

Now Rudy's aunt Pauline Sanchez has claimed that her nephew doesn't want any contact with his mother.

He's now staying with some family friends, but on Thursday (6 July) police said at a press conference he had returned to live with his mother 'by choice'.

Authorities said there was no report of abuse based on their interviews with Rudy, but had offered him 'a method to recover' by contacting protective services.

Sanchez has said Farias needs time away from his mom and has alleged that he doesn't want to go back to her.

"His mentality, he needs to get well," she said.

"He’s going to be cautious. I still feel that he’s traumatized and gone through a lot. I still feel action should be taken.

"He doesn’t want to see his mom and doesn’t want to go back to his mom."

Rudy Farias' mother Janie Santana.

The police said that Rudy and his mother had interactions with the police while he was supposedly 'missing' where they gave 'fictitious' information.

Speaking at a press conference, Lt Zamora of Houston Police Department said: "Rudy was recently identified as previously having HPD interactions, meaning that he made contact with patrol officers out on the street.

"However during these contacts fictitious names and date of births were given misleading officers and Rudy would remain missing.

"In fact Rudy and his mother gave fictitious names when talking to officers."

An investigation into the matter is ongoing and no charges have been filed against anyone.

Featured Image Credit: NBC News/Facebook Texas Centre for the Missing

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