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Roman Abramovich Has Assets Worth £5.4 Billion Seized

Roman Abramovich Has Assets Worth £5.4 Billion Seized

Abramovich was among a number of oligrarchs to be hit by sanctions in response to Vladimir Putin's bloody invasion

Chelsea FC owner Roman Abramovich has had £5.4 billion worth of assets frozen in Jersey.

Abramovich was among a number of Russian oligrarchs to be hit by sanctions in response to Vladimir Putin's deadly 'special military operation' in Ukraine, accused by the UK government of having the 'blood of the Ukrainian people on their hands'.

The 55-year-old, who has an estimated net worth of $8.2 billion (£6.3 billion), is alleged to have strong ties to Putin – which he's denied – and remains 'one of the few oligarchs from the 1990s to maintain prominence under Putin', according to the government.

Roman Abramovich fell ill following a suspected poisoning earlier this month.

Earlier this week, police on the Channel island searched premises suspected to be connected to Abramovich's business activities. It's believed he's currently in Moscow.

Due to Jersey following UK policy, it has to impose sanctions on the same people.

In a statement, as per BBC News, the Jersey Law Officers' Department said: "Search warrants were executed by the States of Jersey Police on Tuesday April 12 2022 at premises in Jersey suspected to be connected to the business activities of Roman Abramovich.

"The Royal Court also imposed a formal freezing order on April 12, known as a saisie judiciaire, over assets understood to be valued in excess of $7 billion which are suspected to be connected to Mr Abramovich and which are either located in Jersey or owned by Jersey incorporated entities."

Abramovich was also impacted by a crackdown in France, with the economy and finance industry seizing 33 properties owned by oligarchs targeted in sanctions. A dozen of them were owned by Abramovich, The Guardian reports.

A French finance ministry source said: "They include homes, superyachts and helicopters, and add up to well over €25bn ($27bn, £20bn). There are 33 properties that have been frozen, including a dozen belonging to Roman Abramovich."

Roman Abramovich. (Alamy)
Roman Abramovich. (Alamy)

These properties include Abramovich’s Château de la Croë villa in Cap d’Antibes, said to be worth close to £100 million.

The UK government's earlier statement on the sanctions read: "Abramovich is associated with a person who is/has been involved in destabilising Ukraine and undermining/threatening territorial integrity, sovereignty & independence of Ukraine, namely Vladimir Putin, with whom (he) has had close relationship for decades."

After purchasing Chelsea in 2003, Abramovich addressed the allegations over links to Putin, saying he only met former president Boris Yeltsin after his tenure ended and claiming he had 'no special relationship' with Putin 'apart from through my work as a governor [of Russia's northeast Chukotka region] and the government committee I sit on'.

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