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This is everything we know about GTA VI including setting and main characters

This is everything we know about GTA VI including setting and main characters

The information comes after one of the biggest leaks in gaming history

It seems like all anyone can talk about right now is Grand Theft Auto VI, with die-hard fans growing more and more impatient each day at the lack of updates.

However, following a major leak, gamers have been able to find out a little more about the upcoming GTA - though it is quite tricky to decipher what is legitimate or not.

So, with that said, here is everything we currently know about GTA VI, including its setting and main characters.

Rockstar Games - the developers of the famed franchise - released Grand Theft Auto V in September 2013, with the tenth anniversary of the game taking place over the weekend (17 September).

To be honest, it could still be a few years until we have GTA 6 in our hands, as the game is yet to have an official trailer released - despite the fact that gameplay footage was leaked last year.

But, for now, YouTuber and content creator Need For Madness Auto took to X - formerly Twitter - to share some exciting details about the latest instalment to the gaming franchise in a very extensive thread.

The thread was captioned: "Hello & Welcome to the first anniversary of one of the biggest leaks in gaming history: Grand Theft Auto 6."

An artist's interpretation of what GTA VI's Lucia and Jason will look like.
Hossein Diba

It continued to explained how last year (18 September 2022), a hacker who goes by the handle 'teapotuberhacker' posted a link to GTAForums containing '90 early in development clips' of the new Grand Theft Auto.

"He obtained these assets by means of social engineering his way into a private Rockstar Slack communication channel," the Twitter user explained.

"This thread serves as an analysis of all GTA 6 leaks from September 18, 2022."

So - brace yourself for all the things we currently know about the latest addition to the Rockstar Games family.

However, it is important to note that all the information supplied by Need For Madness Auto has come from leaks during development so details could have changed at any point and 'may not represent any final aspects of the game'.

The tweet adds: "The game is still in development as we speak."

GTA's first-ever female protagonist Lucia as imagined by an artist based on the leaked gameplay footage.
Hossein Diba

Now, there is an overwhelming amount of information but one of the most significant points includes the launch of GTA's first-ever female protagonist called Lucia.

But, beyond her name and look, we don't know much else about the character.

The other main playable character protagonist is Jason.

The game will also be in same universe as its predecessors, GTA IV and V, and will be set in Vice City.

For any audiophiles out there, you'll be happy to know that 'weapons sound better and louder than from GTA V'.

Mechanics will also be carried over from the game Red Dead Redemption 2, including crouching and stealth as well as the eagle eye system which slows down time.

And as for the brand-new mechanics? Gamers will be able to try out self revive which is believed to give dying characters the ability to use something to bring themselves back to life.


An artist's impression of Jason.
Hossein Diba

There will also be a brand-new police system known as 'Time Until Cops Dispatch' when committing a crime, as well as a witness and police recognition system.

Players will also have the ability to restrain NPCs however, there will be a limited Weapon Wheel.

The thread explains: "With the limited weapon assault, judging by the position of the weapons on the Weapon Wheel, you may carry only one assault weapon on your back, and one handgun or (possibly) a semi-automated gun, and one or two smaller melee weapon like a knife, one or two tool/item like a flashlight as shown in the video, and another slot for holstering your weapon and remaining 'unarmed'."

The Advanced Hijack Cars system will also make the literal act of grand theft auto harder with certain rvents referencing the possibility of even failing to steal a car.

While that may be a bit of a pain, players can look forward to improved vehicle damage and handling with car crashes being 'more impactful' with 'more parts' splitting apart.

"The car handling in the video also seems to be heavier than in GTA V," the thread adds.

There will also be vehicle compendium, which tracks all cars in a sort of scrapbook that keeps note of every car you've driven, to RDR2’s compendium.

And, lastly, players can prep themselves for a brand-spanking new and improved AI system.

Guess we'll just have to wait and see...

Featured Image Credit: Hossein Diba/X

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