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Ride Operator Grateful To Survive After Being Trapped By Moving Floor

Ride Operator Grateful To Survive After Being Trapped By Moving Floor

Davontai Lee tried to retrieve a customer's hat when he was clamped by the metal plate

A ride operator said he's lucky to be alive after becoming trapped between two metal plates in the floor.

The incident comes in the wake of the death of teenager Tyre Sampson, who died after riding the 430-foot Orlando Free Fall ride at the ICON Park in March.

Davontai Lee, 28, was working at the Clay County Fair in Daytona Beach on Friday, 8 April.

After trying to retrieve a customer's hat, the father-of-two ended up being pinned from the waist down by a metal plate as it was lowering into place.

He told WJAX: "I put my hand like, let it stay down, do not lift the bottom up.

"When I got close to going down to get the hat, I heard it say it lifted up and pushed my stomach and everything and it clamped it. I was so scared... I thought I was going to die."

In footage of the incident, Lee can be seen struggling and screaming for help. According to Clay County police, he was eventually rescued after around 15 minutes and taken straight to hospital.

While exact details regarding any injuries are unclear, Lee is still in hospital at the time of writing with bruises across his stomach, back and arms.

He said: "I am very blessed to be alive, I am very blessed to be here with my family and tell them I love them. Tell my two daughters I love them."

Davontai Lee said he feels lucky to be alive.
WPLG Local 10

Lee also said he doesn't plan on returning to work at the fair and is considering pursuing legal action.

At a press briefing the next day, Clay County Police Chief Jeff Johnson said the incident wasn't the result of the ride malfunctioning.

He explained: "Long story short, the operator was trying to do a good deed, and he had bad timing.

"I do want to say that the ride had nothing to do with this. The ride is functioning properly.

"The sheriff's office along with fire and rescue did an investigation, all the agencies that needed to be contacted were contacted, and the ride is up and running today... so come on out and enjoy the ride."

Clay County Fire Rescue Chief David Kuykendell also said: "It was a means of just mildly moving some parts around, and then he was able to slide right out.

"So he was never actually truly trapped-trapped, it was more like he was caught."

UNILAD has contacted Clay County Fair for comment.

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Featured Image Credit: WPLG Local 10

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