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Restaurant worker gets revenge on customers who left without paying

Restaurant worker gets revenge on customers who left without paying

A restaurant worker took matters into her owns hands when a table of customers left without paying the tab.

When a table of customers slipped out of a restaurant without paying the bill, one staff member decided to take matters into her own hands.

Working in the hospitality industry comes with its fair share of difficult days and run-ins with rude customers, but staff member Jessica Guevara met her breaking point last week, when a group of girls dined and dashed.

The peeved worker took to TikTok to call out the customers for skipping the scene and show them that their actions have consequences – and pretty costly ones, at that.

In her video, which has now been viewed over 300k times on TikTok, Jessica addressed 'the girls that ran out and didn't pay their tab'.

Check it out:

Holding up a pair of eyeglasses in her hand, she continued: "You left your glasses, b*tch!" before destroying them.

Throwing them onto the restaurant floor, Jessica stomped on the glasses over and over until they broke in two and the lenses cracked.

She captioned the post: "Hope those were $125," suggesting that was how much the customers' bill had come to.

Let that be a lesson to *always* pay your bill – or at least make sure you've not left anything important behind.

Jessica's video quickly went viral on TikTok, racking up more than 32,000 likes and hundreds of comments – mostly from viewers cheering Jessica on for getting her revenge.

"As a fellow server, I support this energy," wrote one TikToker.

"I'm still salty over having to pay out of pocket for a big table that dashed. This is satisfying," commented a second.

TikToker Jessica Guevara decided to take revenge on her stingy customers.

Another viewer asked Jessica if the same policy stood in her restaurant, to which she replied: "If someone dashes, it comes out of the servers wallet that SAME night."

Not only did skipping out on the bill leave the restaurant short changed, leaving the server to cover it, but it also would have cost them their tip. In the US, diners are expected to tip servers between 15 and 25 percent of the bill.

So, we can understand why Jessica might have been a little bit irritated.

But some of Jessica's followers were busier discussing how much those glasses could actually have been worth, estimating anywhere between $300 to $400 (£250 to £350).

One viewer told her: "Girl glasses are like $300 omg my soul. But go you."

A second had informed her: "If those were prescription glasses, that’ll definitely put them back $300+".

Jessica's video racked up over 300k views.

"Lmaoo" commented a third. "Now she’s gonna have to use the money she didn’t for the tab plus more."

And a fourth, quick-thinking follower suggested that if the same situation ever arose again, Jessica should 'sell the glasses on eBay for $300 keep the money'.

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Featured Image Credit: TikTok / @jurassicah

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