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Restaurant Servers Shocked As Customers Book 91 Person Table

Restaurant Servers Shocked As Customers Book 91 Person Table

A table of 91 people has sparked a debate over restaurant etiquette.

A table of 91 people has sparked a debate over restaurant etiquette.

There's little I'd fear more when working in hospitality then rude customers, those who would click at you like you were a dog, those who got too drunk and made a mess, or groups of over five or six who asked to only pay for their items off the bill, expecting you to pull each of their total's out of thin air – with no calculator – like a magician.

However, being faced with not just a group of five or six, but a whopping 91, is certainly far worse.

Catch a waitress' reaction here:

A food server has taken to TikTok to reveal just what went down when an extortionate number of customers turned up at her restaurant looking for a table for not far off 100.

The TikToker (@booyouwh0relmao) took to the platform to reveal her shock horror at having 91 people show up at the restaurant she works at.

She joked in the caption: "We're not closing tn."

A group of 91 people showed up at a restaurant with no reservation.

Other users on the platform who also work in the hospitality industry were equally as taken aback.

One said: "I can’t believe this is allowed, anything over 12 requires a manager approved reservation at my job."

"91….? How do you even know that many people to eat with," another joked.

A third added: "*tips 11 dollars*"

One user joked how someone could know enough people to show up as a group of 91.

However, in a more detailed update, the TikToker noted the group did come 'kind of early' at around 6.00pm.

"So they were all out of there by, I want to say like nine something," she added.

The TikToker revealed she had been the one to greet the group, who started off with 51 people.

"I thought 51 people was a lot, but it was followed by, and there's 40 more on the way," she said.

The TikToker's managers had to come over to help seating the group, who took up around two sections.

The group arrived at around 6:00pm.
@booyouwh0relmao/ TikTok

"Meanwhile we were also taking other tables of six, nine, 12. It was a very big team effort," she said.

While she added she 'didn't find out' about whether the group of 91 left a tip, the TikToker revealed they did leave staff members chocolate macadamia nuts which she said was 'super nice'.

Despite the backlash in the comments against such a large group showing up, the TikToker explained the restaurant she works at doesn't actually do reservations.

While the number of the group is certainly questionable and fear-inducing for any waiter to have to face, one user highlighted the main controversy of the incident.

They said: "They left u chocolates…. girl GET UP."

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Featured Image Credit: @booyouwh0relmao/TikTok

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