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There's a part of the world so quiet you can only hear your own heartbeat

There's a part of the world so quiet you can only hear your own heartbeat

It's eerily quiet and like few places you'll ever visit.

If you ever fancy getting away from it all or you’re amidst the hustle and bustle of a city and looking for an escape, then we may have found the perfect destination.

A crater at the top of a dormant volcano is so peaceful that it has been nicknamed the 'quietest place on Earth'.

According to reports, this spot is so quiet that the ambient sounds is right near the threshold of human being. Incredibly, visitors have reported being able to hear their own heartbeats.

You’ll need to be prepared for the elements if you do seek this place out, however, as the ascent to the top includes five different climate zones.

The top of the volcano is being nicknamed 'the quietest place on Earth'.

Also, a trip to find the ultimate place of peace and quiet will not be a short one, as the volcano is located in the Haleakalā National Park in Hawaii, nearly 7,000 miles away from the UK.

However, there is an increasing battle to keep this area free from noise pollution, with American conservationists and park scientists doing everything possible to eliminate the noise from planes, vehicles and other human sources.

The quest for solitude can often be challenging, but a man did spend time in a room that is also being called the ‘quietest place in the whole world.’

That is the ‘Anechoic Chamber’ located a little bit closer to home at the South Bank University in London.

It is a room soundproofed to such an extent that the sound in measured in negative decibels, and visitors are advised not to spend longer than 45 minutes inside.

A UNILAD reporter broke a world record time of 67 minutes inside the room, and a number of people have sought to beat that time.

Haleakala National Park.
Michele Falzone / Alamy Stock Photo

One man who tried was YouTuber and musician Callux. It took him only five minutes to report feeling disoriented and had an intense burst of tinnitus in both ears.

Things started to turn rapidly and the man claimed to see lights dancing around his room after 15 minutes and was able to hear the sound of his own bloodstream once 30 minutes had passed.

Despite suffering hallucination, he smashed the previous record and stayed inside for a hugely-impressive one hour and 26 minutes.

After such a tortuous ordeal, perhaps having a bit of peace and quiet is not all it’s cracked up to be?

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Featured Image Credit: Pascale Sury / John Sylvester / Alamy Stock Photo

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