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Qatar stadium toilet line shows difference between number of male and female World Cup fans

Qatar stadium toilet line shows difference between number of male and female World Cup fans

A line at a toilet in a Qatar 2022 venue has surprised many by showing the difference between male and female fans at the tournament.

With the football well and truly underway at the Qatar 2022 World Cup, the attention has turned a lot more to the action on the pitch.

In the five days since the tournament began with Ecuador's victory over Qatar, we have seen shock upsets from the likes of Saudi Arabi and Japan, and tournament favourites such as Brazil and Spain cementing their position as one of the most fancied teams to go all the way.

But the great football hasn't stopped the debate off the pitch, that has dominated discussion in the lead up to the tournament.

Some have protested over Qatar hosting the World Cup.
Andrea Domeniconi / Alamy Stock Photo

From the rights of migrant workers to the safety of fans from the LGBTQ+ community heading over to Qatar, officials have had a lot of talking to do.

Another talking point has been the rights of women in the middle eastern country, and whether that would impact female football fans coming to Qatar to watch their nation.

Well, in a video doing the rounds on TikTok, it suggests there are not too many women in Qatar if a line to a toilet is anything to go by.

Posted to the social media platform by Jueun (@jueunmusic), you see group of men queuing for the toilet at one of the World Cup venues, and it is fair to say it is pretty long. Watch it below:

But when the TikToker pans towards the women's toilet, there is no line to be seen.

Jueun captioned the video with: "Qatar's male to female gender ratio be like."

It is not the first time World Cup viewers have picked up on the lack of women at the tournament.

During the first match between Qatar and Ecuador, many fans watching on TV picked up on the lack of women in the crowd.

"There's no women in the crowd," one fan said on social media, with a second asking: "Spot the women in the crowd, are they even allowed to attend???"

And yes, women are allowed to attend games at the Qatar 2022 World Cup, but judging by footage we have seen, a lot have decided against it.

The line for the men's loos appeared never ending.

According to Statista, 63 percent of football fans worldwide are men, but 37 percent are women - meaning over a third of football fans in the world are women.

And you saw how the popularity of the sport grew amongst women in the UK following the Lionesses triumph at the Euros this summer.

But in Qatar, a lack of female fans present is a concern for many.

FIFA and Qatar 2022 officials have not released details on how many women have purchased tickets out of the three million sold for the tournament.

Featured Image Credit: @jueunmusic/TikTok

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