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Prison Guard And Inmate Spotted On Run As It's Alleged They Had Relationship For Two Years

Prison Guard And Inmate Spotted On Run As It's Alleged They Had Relationship For Two Years

A prison guard at Lauderdale County jail in Alabama has been caught on CCTV helping an inmate escape

The inmate at Alabama's Lauderdale County jail and his prison guard who broke him out of jail have allegedly been romantically involved for two years.

Vicky White, 56, and 38-year-old Casey White, of no relation to each other, were caught on CCTV leaving the detention centre on 29 April and getting into a police car.

It has emerged that the pair are thought to have been romantically involved since 2020, and while incarcerated, inmates said Casey was often ‘getting privileges no one else got’ and ‘getting extra food on his tray’.

Vicky helped Casey escape from the facility late last month and the pair are now on the run, with newly-released footage showing them driving through a gas station in a truck after abandoning the police car.

Casey was doing 75 years behind bars for attempted murder, burglary, robbery, kidnapping and animal cruelty.

According to an extensive report by MailOnline, the pair went on the run armed with an AR-15 and a shotgun after Vicky snuck the 6ft 9in convict out of jail.

Vicky – who was a day away from retirement and had been on the job for 17 years – had allegedly told superiors she was taking Casey for a mental health evaluation.

New footage shows Vicky and Casey’s police car driving past a gas station. The pair is thought to have ditched the vehicle half-a-mile down the road at the Florence Square shopping centre several hours after leaving the prison. 

Speaking this week on Good Morning America, Sheriff Singleton described Vicky as 'an exemplary employee’ before issuing a national plea for her to turn herself in.

Casey was serving 75 years behind bars.

Singleton said: “Vicky you've been in this business for 17 years, you've seen this scenario play out more than once and you know how it always ends.

“Now go ahead and end it now, get to a phone and call 911, turn yourself in and help us get Casey White back behind bars because you know that's where he's going to eventually end up.”

Singleton added that while Vicky and Casey’s exact location is now unknown, police are making ‘good progress’.

“We may be hindered now that some of that information has gotten out, but, you know, we're still working around the clock to locate them and try to get them back in custody,” he explained. 

He also confirmed that his colleagues have accepted Vicky’s participation, noting: “I think all of our employees and myself included were really hoping that she did not participate in this willingly. But all indications are that she absolutely did.

“We're very disappointed in that because we had the utmost trust in her as an employee and as an assistant director of corrections.”

Sheriff Singleton described Vicky as 'an exemplary employee’.
Good Morning America

He also confirmed that Vicky and Casey are first thought to have become intimate during the latter's arraignment in 2020, however Casey did not arrive in Lauderdale County jail, where Vicky worked, until 2022.

He said the pair’s communication continued once the accused was transferred back to Lauderdale County and that officials were unaware Vicky had been visiting Casey at the Alabama Department of Corrections.

Singleton also warned the public that Casey is ‘an extremely dangerous person’.

It wasn’t until after Casey’s escape that details of their alleged romantic relationship began to emerge.

Police now claim that Vicky – who was previously married until her husband’s death in January – herself had two aliases and that the prison guard is likely ‘flush with cash’ after selling her home in Lexington for $95,550 last month.

Authorities are offering anyone with information that might lead to Casey’s capture a $15,000 reward.

UNILAD has reached out to Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Office for comment.

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Featured Image Credit: Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Department

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