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People shocked by how many candles are on Joe Biden's birthday cake

People shocked by how many candles are on Joe Biden's birthday cake

Hopefully the President still has his eyebrows in tact!

People are flooding to social media in shock over Joe Biden's 81st birthday cake.

Kamala Harris may've said she's ready to take over the presidency if - in a 'hypothetical' situation - Biden becomes unfit to lead, but it doesn't look like he's going anywhere anytime soon as he celebrated his 81st birthday yesterday (20 November).

Donald Trump claims he has a 'much better body' than Biden, but thankfully, that hasn't put a dampener on the President's day, as the oldest US President in history shared a happy photograph of himself celebrating on social media.

Although, people can't get over one thing about the image.

Biden took to Threads yesterday to share an image of himself on his 81st birthday sat at a table in the White House with a celebratory cake in front of him.

And the cake is alarming to say the least, looking like it's pretty much completely on fire. Nevertheless, Biden can be seen smiling away at the camera.

The caption reads: "I turned 81 and all I got was a new social platform! Thanks for the well-wishes, folks.

"And to the workers at the birthday candle factory, I hope your union got you overtime."

Joe Biden shared a photo of his 81st birthday cake.

Biden also re-shared the post over on Threads' rival X, adding: "It's true over here on the campaign side, too. I've joined Threads. Follow me there."

But people were a bit too distracted by the state of the 81-candle birthday cake, flooding to the post to poke fun at it.

One X user wrote: "The cake reminds me of a state of the US economy it is in."

"Do you remember in the beginning of the movie, 'Get Out,' when the protagonist hits a deer? The cake is a symbol - like the deer. It shows us what’s coming," another added.

A third commented: "Man, this guy doesn't miss everything he touches goes up in flames."

And a fourth simply wrote: "Why is he gripping the table like that."

Biden has joked about his age.
Getty Images/ Drew Angerer

In an Instagram post of the image, Biden acknowledged the state of his birthday cake, joking: "Thanks for the birthday well-wishes today, everyone. Turns out on your 146th birthday, you run out of space for candles!"

He's previously combatted criticism surrounding his age by reflecting on 'one of the things that comes with age, hopefully [being] wisdom'.

At a fundraiser, Biden resolved: "I have more experience than any president has in the history of the United States."

Featured Image Credit: Getty Images/Drew Angerer/ Threads/@joebiden

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