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Plans unveiled for massive floating city that will be an ‘ark’ for 40,000 people

Plans unveiled for massive floating city that will be an ‘ark’ for 40,000 people

Have you heard of Noah? Well, we've taken a leaf out of his book and we're planning to 'ark' it up in here.

The Bible says that, in the beginning, God created people, dogs, mandarins, and a whole bunch of other stuff that we can't be bothered listing.

But, if you skip forward just a tad and go past all that Cain and Abel stuff, you'll come across a parable that is just as relevant today as it was back in Moses' time (which was about 15-13th century BC, or roughly when he wrote the Book of Genesis).

The first chapter of the Bible goes on to introduce readers to Noah, a man who was destined to save the world and its animal duplicates with an enormous boat.

We can live in an arky arky.

It turned out God was already well and truly over the human race, even though we'd only been around for what seemed like five minutes).

A bunch of stuff happened between now and then that probably isn't important, and now we're here.

In the same situation that Noah faced but at a somewhat slower pace.

Japanese engineering firm N-Ark suggested the human race take to the high seas just like Noah did in that chapter of the Good Book.

N-Ark reckons their 'New Ocean Consortium' could be what saves the human race when Earth's ice caps melt and we're out of polar bears.

They plan to create a self-sufficient, symbiotic Utopia that will allow us to actually float away from our climate change concerns.

The Japanese-based company shared their proposals for the ark, also coined Dogen City, in all of its First Testament glory. So take that, Noah. Eat your heart out.

N-ARK_DogenCity_subtitle from 田崎有城 on Vimeo.

N-Ark's website explains that the boat-based metropolis will float on the ocean while the human race works to become a harmonious joint effort 'of industry, academia, and government that integrates various industries, technologies, and laws'.

For the 10,000 or so people who could live on board the ark, there will a plethora of offices, houses, and shops (or work, rest, play) to keep us entertained.

There would also be enough facilities to accomodate 30,000 additional people during the day if they wanted to visit.

So, yeah, basically these Japanese engineers are trying to pitch the rest of us into the ambitious proposal of a floating city.

But it's just so out-there they might just pull it off... and that sure would make our old Bible buddy green with envy.

The ambitious project was unveiled to the world in a June press release, with N-Ark also announcing a consortium of interested and relevant parties to work towards the arky end-goal to beat climate change at its own game.

"Rising sea levels and flooding due to climate change threaten life on the ground. To overcome this crisis, we propose the creation of a new maritime economic zone," the N-Ark press release sates.

Dogen City, a marine-based that adapts to climate change.

"The goal is to create a new economic ecosystem by forming naval cities, and viewing the oceans, which covers 70 per cent of the Earth, as a sphere of survival."

Sounds neat, huh?

And it would be designed to work in such a way that we'd never have to disembark from the ark.

So stick that in your pipe and smoke it Noah, because we're using climate change to finally beat the Bible.

On a more serious note, science rocks.

There are interesting (and scary) times ahead, people. Watch this space.

Featured Image Credit: N-Ark Inc./SWNS

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