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Scary footage shows 'roughest flight ever' as team flies into Hurricane Ian

Scary footage shows 'roughest flight ever' as team flies into Hurricane Ian

"When I say this was the roughest flight of my career so far, I mean it"

Terrifying footage shows what's been described as the 'roughest flight ever' being battered by Hurricane Ian.

Now, don't let the non-threatening name fool you - Ian the storm has been tearing its way through the Sunshine State after passing over Cuba, where it caused two fatalities and widespread blackouts.

Considering it's one of the most powerful storms in US history, probably the last thing you'd think about doing is jumping on a plane.

But the opposite is true for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)'s hurricane hunters, who play an integral role in hurricane forecasting.

In this case, the team flew into the eye of storm Ian and it's safe to say it was a bumpy ride.

As is shown in the footage above, the strong winds – which have been reaching speeds of up to 155mph – completely rattle the passengers and their gear.

Nick Underwood, who shared the footage, is then thrown into the air as he says, "Whoah s**t," before another reassures the team, "We're alright."

Alongside the clip, Nick wrote: "When I say this was the roughest flight of my career so far, I mean it.

"I have never seen the bunks come out like that. There was coffee everywhere. I have never felt such lateral motion. 

"Aboard Kermit (#NOAA42) this morning into Hurricane #Ian. Please stay safe out there."

Nick Underwood said it was the 'roughest flight' of his career.

Dozens of people have shared their thoughts in the comments section, with many pointing out the durability of the NOAA aircrafts, which are equipped to deal with extreme weather.

"Those C-130 Hurricane Hunter planes are beasts," said one. "Safe travels boys."

Another quipped: "These guys eat rollercoasters for lunch before they get on a plane and fly into the eye of the storm. They can see their reflection in their super shiny titanium balls."

Jokes aside, Hurricane Ian recently intensified into a Category 4 storm, bringing torrential rainfall and high speed winds.

Florida's Division of Emergency Management has been keeping people updated with the situation, warning to 'not walk out into receding water in Tampa Bay or Charlotte Harbor'.

"The water WILL return through storm surge and poses a life-threatening risk," it said.

One of the division's latest updates states: "The 6AM update reports 2,021,206 power outages as a result of damages caused by #HurricaneIan.

"Restoration crews are beginning to deploy into impacted areas. For estimated restoration times, please contact your service provider."

US President Joe Biden approved an Emergency Declaration for the State of Florida as the White House outlined federal government efforts to help prepare for Hurricane Ian.

Measures included pre-staging 110,000 gallons of fuel and 18,000 pounds of propane and moving in a variety of generators and teams to provide temporary emergency power to critical infrastructure. 

In a speech released yesterday, September 28, Biden said: "This storm is incredibly dangerous, to state the obvious. It’s life threatening. You should obey all warnings and directions from emergency officials. 

"Don’t take anything for granted. Use their judgment, not yours. Evacuate when ordered. Be prepared.

"And when the storm passes, the federal government is going to be there to help you recover. We’ll be there to help you clean up and rebuild, to help you get - Florida get moving again. And we’ll be there at every step of the way."

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Featured Image Credit: @theastronick/Twitter

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