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PETA Activists Superglue Themselves To Starbucks Counter

PETA Activists Superglue Themselves To Starbucks Counter

The PETA activists were calling for an end to the surcharge on vegan milk at Starbucks

A group of PETA – that’s People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals – activists caused a stir at Starbucks by gluing themselves to the counter in protest.

This is just the latest in a number of stunts pulled by the animal rights group, which has built a name for itself by protesting in unusual and disruptive ways.

It certainly gets the message across, but it also fails to endear them to some folks.

You can check out its slightly bizarre – but nonetheless eye-catching – protest in the below video.

Anyway, on this occasion the activists went into a Starbucks in Seattle to protest both the price of vegan milk and the sale of non-vegan milks.

We’d like to say they’d tried to kill two birds with one stone, but – well – wouldn’t exactly be on brand for them, would it?

While they were in the coffee shop gluing themselves to the counter, the whole thing was being streamed on Facebook Live for the world to see.

On Twitter, the group wrote: “We’re not going anywhere [Starbucks].

“Literally, we’re superglued to your counter.”

As you can see, the PETA activists were glued to the counter.

In the pictures that accompanied the tweet, two activists could be seen with their hands glued to the glass countertop, with one wearing a t-shirt bearing the slogan ‘end vegan milk upcharge’ and another that said ‘not your mom, not your milk’.

In another tweet, PETA said: “We’re demanding that @Starbucks end the vegan milk upcharge because it’s better for humans, other animals, and the Earth!”

The aim – according to the Facebook Live – was to reach the ears of Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz to demand that his company ‘drop the ridiculous upcharge for vegan milk’.

The activists could be heard to chant: “Save the planet, save the cows, stop the vegan upcharge now!”

One activist has been quoted as saying: "This week, ahead of Earth Day, Starbucks is failing customers and failing the climate,

"We're heading into a climate catastrophe and Starbucks is still charging up to 80 extra cents for people to get the vegan milk option – the sustainable option.

“It's time for Starbucks to end the vegan upcharge now,"

Starbucks charges a little extra for optional vegan milk.

By the way, Earth Day is today if you’re not already celebrating.

A spokesperson for Starbucks said that they’re not planning to change the surcharge on vegan milk, which usually comes in at around 70 cents, though prices fluctuate between markets.

However, a splash is free in an Americano, Cold Brew, iced coffee or brewed coffee.

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Featured Image Credit: PETA/Facebook

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