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Pest control agency leaves people horrified after showing one million dead mosquitos

Pest control agency leaves people horrified after showing one million dead mosquitos

While no one asked for a bucketful of dead mosquitos, here we are anyway. And it turns out the very gross stunt was for a good reason.

A group of bug-zapping bandits is here to save people in Florida from mosquitos.

Pest control agency Lee County Mosquito Control has boldly ventured where no bug spray business has gone before... into the heart of mozzie central.

For the past two years, a trapping project has been underway in Lee County and the results are nothing short of horrifying.

The pest control service took to social media to share an incredibly grim image of hundreds of thousands of mosquitos.

If you're a little creeped out by bugs, then we advise you to look away right now.

One of the buckets that came back with the expedition was rammed full of mozzie corpses.

The true splendour of the bucket of bugs can only really be realised when it is tipped out.

Thankfully, Lee County Mosquito Control District (LCMCD) was there to document it all on social media.

"Ever wonder what one million mosquitoes look like?" the government collective said on Twitter.

We actually hadn't - but here we are.

"Check out the results of an LCMCD trapping project that took place in one section of one neighbourhood on Sanibel Island over the summer of 2021," they added.

That is a hell of a lot of mozzies. Yikes.

People on social media were understandably horrified and amazed.

One person said: "Now add fire."

Another added: "Put the pile outside and light it on fire. It’s about…sending a message."

While the mosquito-rich trapping program might be incredibly little creepy-crawly, the work undertaken by the Lee County Mosquito Control District is for one good reason: public health.

Bildagentur-online/Ohde / Alamy

Controlling Florida's mosquito populations is a vital part of public health and keeping the population low is key to reducing diseases such as malaria, dengue fever, and yellow fever.

And boy, we'll bet those living in Lee County are thrilled because, according to Lee County Mosquito Control District executive director David Hoel, the surrounding wetlands, mangroves and salt-marshes are an absolute mozzie-topia.

"Lee County’s many acres of salt marsh and other wetlands are some of the most prolific mosquito breeding habitats on earth," Hoel said as per CL Tampa.

"In order to provide a comfortable outdoor environment for Lee County citizens and reduce the threat of diseases posed by mosquitoes, the district continually monitors these habitats and endeavours to control mosquitoes in the aquatic immature stages before they become flying and biting adult mosquitoes."

Well, turns out there was a pretty good reason for a mound of mosquitos after all.

Featured Image Credit: Lee County Mosquito Control/Twitter.

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