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People Think Mark Zuckerberg's Wax Figure Looks More Human Than Him In Real Life

People Think Mark Zuckerberg's Wax Figure Looks More Human Than Him In Real Life

The Madame Tussauds' Zuckerberg has got people shook

People reckon Mark Zuckerberg's wax figure looks more human than him and it's hard to argue with them.

The Facebook founder's waxwork was unveiled back in 2014 at the Madame Tussauds museum in San Francisco and it does look like very life-like.

People on the r/interestingasf*** Reddit feed were not shy in voicing their opinions.

Commenting on a side-by-side pic, one user quipped: "Or does real Zuckerberg have makeup on?"

A second added: "No joke, though...which one is which."

Mark Zuckerberg's waxwork.
The real Mark Zuckerberg.

"Surprise! Neither one is the original!" another joked.

Many were also suggesting that the only explanation for the uncanny resemblance was that Zuckerberg alien.

Well, one user said: "The 'real' one is a alien robot.. Didn't you know?"

Another wrote: "Thoroughly convinced he’s a robot."

Another got a bit carried away and commented: "Likely it's a combination of many very subtle things but the best way I can put it into words is that it looks like he's missing a spark of humanity. 


"I don't know what exactly that means but that's the best way to describe it.

"My conscious mind can't detect exactly what it is, but there's something missing from him that isn't really quantifiable and without it he genuinely looks uncanny."

While Madame Tussauds' Zuckerberg is arguably more lifelike than the man himself, the attraction's waxwork of Spider-Man star Zendaya has divided fans.

The figure of the Euphoria actor, wearing a neon pink suit paired with a chic up-do and subtle jewellery, was unveiled at the Baker Street attraction on 11 February.


One wrote: "That's not Zendaya... This looks more like a mix of Kylie Jenner and Nicki Minaj."

Another added: "Nah this creepy af, not even close." Say it how it is, fella.

A third commented: "Are you f****** kidding? THE RESEMBLANCE IS NOT EVEN CLOSE! Shame on @MadameTussauds! @Zendaya’s face shape isn’t even close in your wax rendering of her likeness. This is garbage! Admit you f***** up."

Many said the figure looks like Kylie Jenner, while others have revealed that they like the work but not the outfit.

One said: "The likeness is great but of all her amazing outfits you made her look like a teenager at a job fair?"

Another added: "Love this... but out of all her iconic looks this is the one they choose???!!!"

Other thought the waxwork was pretty good, with one writing: "That wax figure looks almost exactly like Zendaya idk what y'all are talking about."

Another said: "Am I tripping because I think it looks like her…it looks better than a lot other figures we've seen."

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Featured Image Credit: Madame Tussauds/Alamy

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