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People divided after discovering Costco sells coffins

People divided after discovering Costco sells coffins

Costco's range of coffins and urns has left people divided

Costco has left people divided after one shopper highlighted that the retail giant sells a range of coffins and urns in store.

The shopper took to social media to share a picture of the casket range after spotting the display at the North Lakes store near Brisbane, Australia.

Posting the picture to Facebook, the shopper joked: "Appropriately, you can view this s a last minute impulse buy at the checkout."

The display for the unusual products boasts the 'quality craftsmanship' of the coffins.

Facebook/Sean Leahy

Shoppers have been left split with some finding the product range amusing and others stating it is in 'awful taste'.

One person said: "Your cosy forever bed from Costco."

Another person joked: "Do they deliver or do you need to drive away with it strapped to the roof of your car?"

Meanwhile one unimpressed person said: Is that an outdoor barbecue next to it.....what awful taste."

Costco has been selling coffins in its Australian stores since 2015 and has offered the product range for longer in its American stores.

Despite some criticism about their decision to sell the morbid products, Costco bosses are confident they have made the right move.

When Costco Australia started selling the products, Aussie managing director Patrick Noone said: "It is a great item because we can show a huge discount on them."

There are currently 14 different types of coffins and caskets stocked in the Australian stores, with prices ranging from $360-$3800.

Typically, coffins and caskets can cost several thousands at a funeral parlour.

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, the Costco range is around 45 to 50 percent cheaper than coffins from a funeral home.

"It's been accepted really well. When the time comes and you need to buy one, you are looking for the best value, it's like anything else we do, we offer the best value and best produced," Noone added.


"The ones who buy them are very happy, obviously they are in need when they do buy them. Some people are a bit cautious walking around them but I think overall it’s a commodity and people understand that.”

Costco has partnered with Scientia Coffins and caskets to offer the range of products which are made from eco-friendly medium-density fibreboard and timber.

The coffins are manufactured in China and Italy, and an eco version of products is also available which allows customers to decorate the outside of the casket and give it a personal touch.

All coffins are available to order in store and are shipped within two days directly to the customer or to their funeral director.

Scientia's chief executive Issac Leung said: "Dying is expensive and funeral costs are evidently going higher and higher. You're going to have people that are cost conscious and are going to look for those savings. This is an area where we think we can show value. And we're all going to need one, right?"

Coffins are not the only unusual products you can buy at the retailers.

"You can buy an engagement ring for $300,000, you can buy flowers, you can buy a couple of great steaks and on the way out you can pick up a coffin as well,” Noone said.

Featured Image Credit: Sean Leahy/Facebook/Radharc Images/Alamy Stock Photo