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'Out Of Control' Model Shamed For Fan-Drying Thong During Flight
Featured Image Credit: Jam Press

'Out Of Control' Model Shamed For Fan-Drying Thong During Flight

The Instagram model shared the shocking footage with her 73,000 followers on Instagram

An 'out of control' Only Fans model has been slammed for fan-drying her thong during a flight.

The model, who appears to be 27-year-old Vvs Diamond, from Miami, Florida, sent social media users into a frenzy after sharing a video of herself waving her underwear above the AC vent on top of her seat.

Watch the bizarre - and very uncomfortable - clip below:

As shown in the footage, she can be seen reclining back her chair while stretching out a red thong out - which is presumed to be the one she'd been wearing - and waving it in the air above her head below the air con.

The Instagram model shared the shocking footage with her 73,000 followers on Instagram (@itsvvsdiamond), where the clip racked up 14,000 likes.

She captioned the post: “What airline is this?”

The model sent fans into a frenzy with a rather controversial video on a plane.
Jam Press

One user said: “Ain’t no way.”

“Air That thang out,” another person commented.

Someone else added: “Girlllllll Lmaooooooo great idea,” to which another user replied: “No just no.”

“Girl lol what you doing haha,” asked another follower.

Another user said: “See people don't have self respect anymore.”

Vv Diamond appeared to be air-drying her red thong in front of the entire plane.
Jam Press

Well, this isn't the first time a passenger has acted strangely on a flight and broken the 'unwritten flight rules' as earlier this year, a TikToker known as @wendygonewild sparked outrage for what she called being 'prepared when you travel on a long flight'.

Wendy brought along special equipment on the flight, which included a huge inflating pillow that leans on the seat in front, so she is able her rest her bare feet on it while she attempts to get some shut eye.

An unwritten rule of flying on a plane is to NEVER have your bare feet out.

I mean it goes without saying that one of the unwritten rules of travelling is to never sit barefoot next to a passenger.

Well, users were simply not having it, with one specifically writing: "I would pay extra not to be next to her."

Well, Wendy hit back with: "You got money like that… buy your own airplane then!"

Another user said: "Um no Karen, put your shoes on this is not your house."

A second wrote: "Airplane etiquette please!"

And a third commented: "Sorry, the bare feet really makes my blood boil.

"There are zero reasons why you couldn’t have put slippers or fluffy socks on. No one wants to see that."

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