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Opossum Gets Thrown Out Of Brooklyn Bar

Opossum Gets Thrown Out Of Brooklyn Bar

A woman from Alaska knew exactly what to do when an opossum found itself in a bar

Don’t you just hate it when you’re trying to enjoy a quiet drink and an unwanted guest turns up to ruin the fun? Even worse when the guest is a furry opossum who’s ended up in a bar rather than its natural habitat.

In New York’s Brooklyn, a woman has been seen showing city slickers how things are done when she grabbed an opossum that had entered Temkin’s Bar on Greenpoint Avenue and calmly carried it outside by the scruff of its neck.

The quick thinking move impressed the other patrons and the video of it happening has caught the attention of the internet.

Footage from fellow drinker Chris Egan shows the Alaskan woman effortlessly lifting the animal like an 'opossum whisperer' from behind a table in the front corner of the bar.

She then released it on the street outside as both customers and bar staff cheered her on and the animal scurried away.

Egan said the opossum came in through an open bar door and became visibly distressed by the crowded bar.

Opossum’s are white and grey marsupials that are found primarily in North America. As creatures, they typically love to scavenge and are only seen at night due to nocturnal habits. Usually found raiding garbage cans and dumpsters, they aren’t known for their love of drinking in trendy bars or pubs.

Egan explained: “This poor thing, with its nocturnal eyesight, and [a] rambunctious crowd, ran confused looking for a way out.

Chris Egan via Storyful

“Unfortunately, it’s not too easy for these scary but docile marsupials to escape this environment, so it headed for a corner.”

Egan said that was when the woman in the video stepped in 'without flinching' and said, “Hold my phone, I’m from Alaska."

She boldly stepped in and rescued the stressed marsupial before releasing it back out to the wild streets of Brooklyn.

Brooklyn-based news outlet Greenpointers reported that the woman in the video was Alaskan native Sara Fulton.

Fulton shared the moment on her personal Instagram profile, adding the simple caption: “I did that.”

Chris Egan via Storyful

Egan added: “She did the right thing, and like an opossum whisperer, grabbed it from behind like a feline, and walked it outside, gently dropping it on the sidewalk and letting it head back home to whatever empty lot or backyard it called home.”

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Featured Image Credit: Chris Egan via Storyful

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