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83-Year-Old Becomes Oldest Person To Sail Across Pacific

83-Year-Old Becomes Oldest Person To Sail Across Pacific

His journey began in March, this year, after he set off from a yacht harbour in San Francisco

An 83-year-old from Japan has become the oldest person to sail across the Pacific.

Kenichi Horie returned home on Saturday after going on a whirlwind of an adventure - completely solo - as reported by AP.

His journey began in March, this year, after he set off from a yacht harbour in San Francisco.

The adventurer, most remarkably, completed his voyage in just 69 days.

Horie told CNN: "Don't let your dreams just stay as dreams. Have a goal and work towards achieving this and a beautiful life awaits."

He added: "I didn't think I'd be sailing at 83 but I'm still healthy and I didn't want to miss this chance.

"Challenges are exciting so I'd like to keep trying."


In fact, back in 1962, Kenichi actually became the first person in the world to complete a solo nonstop voyage across the Pacific from Japan to San Francisco, according to the US National Park Service.

Incredibly, sixty years on, he successfully travelled the opposite route.

The spare parts car-salesman, who was 23 at the time, said: "I had the confidence that I would make it. I just wanted to take on the challenge."

Horie said that he wasn't in possession of any official clearance prior to setting sail.

The adventurer travelled across the ocean for 94 days on his 19-foot plywood boat, he called 'The Mermaid'.


The only food he could get ahold of was rice and cans, and that came without possession of any money, nor a passport.

Back then, Horie still had no official papers, up until the then-Mayor of San Francisco George Christopher opted to grant him a visa.

The Gadsden Times reported that because Horie was in such high demand, interviews with him were limited to 20 minutes per outlet.

His love for sailing is clear as he refers to the sea as 'an irreplaceable source of life for the Earth'.

"I'm just doing my bit as a member of society," he added.


Looking back on his remarkably journey, he concludes: "Recall for a short moment, if you will, the deed of a young Japanese, who loved the yacht and the United States of America."

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