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North Korea confirms its recent missile tests have been 'simulations' for nuclear weapon strikes
Featured Image Credit: Pictorial Press Ltd / Alamy. UPI / Alamy.

North Korea confirms its recent missile tests have been 'simulations' for nuclear weapon strikes

Kim Jong-un said more missile tests will occur in case they need to 'hit and wipe out' their opponents.

North Korea has revealed that its recent series of missile strikes were trial runs in case the rogue nation needs to 'hit and wipe out' any potential South Korean or US targets.

According to the North's official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), leader Kim Jong-un has also indicated that he intends to carry out more provocative missile tests in the future.

KCNA added that North Korea's missile tests occurred in response to recent drills between American and South Korean forces, which led to the secretive nation electing to stage 'the simulation of an actual war'.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un supervising a military strike drill.

"Through seven times of launching drills of the tactical nuclear operation units, the actual war capabilities … of the nuclear combat forces ready to hit and wipe out the set objects at any location and any time were displayed to the full," the North’s official Korean Central News Agency said, as per AP.

The news outlet stated launches were all supervised by Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un and included a nuclear-capable ballistic missile launched under a reservoir in the northeast; other ballistic missiles designed to launch nuclear strikes on South Korean airfields, ports and command facilities; and a new-type ground-to-ground ballistic missile that flew over Japan.

The North Korean leader said the missile drills were designed to flaunt his nation's nuclear attack capabilities and as 'an obvious warning' to Seoul and Washington, KCNA reported as per AP.

This image shows North Korean leader Kim Jong Un checking out the test-fire of the country's Hwasong-15 long-range ballistic missile.

Kim Jong-un said, as per KCNA and AP: "The US and the South Korean regime’s steady, intentional and irresponsible acts of escalating the tension will only invite our greater reaction, and we are always and strictly watching the situation crisis."

The leader added that his military would maintain 'their strongest nuclear response posture and further strengthen it in every way' to defend his nation's dignity and sovereign rights.

KCNA also revealed that North Korea has no intentions of continuing on with the disarmament diplomacy agreement with the United States that are currently on hold.

The denuclearisation update comes after recent concerns after North Korea passed new laws that authorise the nation to launch preemptive use of its bombs in certain cases, AP reports.

Reuters reports the US announced new sanctions on October 7 in response to North Korea's recent missile launches.

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