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Nine-month pregnant woman fends off man attempting to rob her and her husband

Nine-month pregnant woman fends off man attempting to rob her and her husband

The incident took place at a gas station in the U.S. city of Houston

A pregnant woman has spoken out after defending herself and her husband against a suspected robber.

Earlier this week, at around 5:25pm on Tuesday, 27 June, Houston Police officers responded to a shooting at All Seasons Food Store gas station on Fulton Road, Houston, U.S.

They discovered a man and pregnant woman holding a suspect at gunpoint - the suspect accused of attempted robbery.

The incident took place at a gas station.
Twitter/ @houstonpolice

The pregnant woman was at the gas station to drop off food for her husband who works at the store.

The woman told ABC 13: "I got out of my car, and immediately, the guy in the passenger seat of the silver car got out with an AR [assault rifle] and told me that I startled him. You know, he said it in a more vocal way."

The man with the assault rifle is reported by the Houston Chronicle as having left the station in a green Dodge Charger, but another man - emerging from the driver's seat of the silver vehicle - is then captured on CCTV footage walking towards the couple.

The incident took place on Tuesday, 27 June.

According to the husband, the suspect asked him: "Do you want to die tonight?"

In surveillance footage from the gas station, the man can be seen assaulting the husband with his weapon leading to the couple then drawing their own weapons and shooting the suspected robber, who attempts to run away.

The mum-to-be said: "No, they were not taking out my baby daddy before 11 July."

The pregnant woman and her husband shot the suspected robber.

After both shooting the suspected robber - the man suffering from several gunshot wounds as per Fox26 - the couple held him at gunpoint, called 911 and waited for authorities to arrive.

According to the husband, a bystander told the suspected robber: "Hey man, if you think you're dying, you might as well pray to God for forgiveness."

In a post to Twitter, Houston Police Department wrote: "North officers are at a shooting scene 8600 Fulton.

"Adult male was transported and is expected to survive. Initial reports are the male was shot while committing a robbery. 202."

The suspect - identified as 39-year-old Mario Duque - has since been charged with unlawful carrying of a weapon, prohibited from possessing firearms due to a prior conviction, as well as aggravated assaulted with a deadly weapon.

The man carrying the assault rifle has yet to be identified and is reportedly still being searched for by police.

Featured Image Credit: Fox26

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