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Niece of woman allegedly killed for her organs shares message showing odd response that sparked fears

Niece of woman allegedly killed for her organs shares message showing odd response that sparked fears

Her family contacted her boyfriend after she suddenly stopped communicating with them.

The niece of a woman whose apparent love story turned into a horror story has shared the message that sparked concern after her aunt was reportedly killed for her organs.

Blanca Arellano, 51, made the whopping 3,000 mile journey from her home in Mexico City to Lima, Peru, where she met her online boyfriend, human medicine and biotechnology student, Juan Pablo Jesus Villafuerte Pinto, 37.

Blanca made an epic journey in search of love.
Twitter / itskararellano

The pair had reportedly met while playing an online game and formed a relationship that lasted a number of months before Blanca made the journey to meet him.

Her niece Karla spoke to her aunt a week into her trip and she told her that she had fallen in love with her online beau after meeting him in the flesh - only to stop replying completely.

Now, following her death, Karla has shared the Facebook messages that were the first hint that something had gone terribly wrong in her aunt's global quest for love.

She wrote on Twitter alongside a screenshot of a message from Juan: "Monday, November 07 was the day that for most of us who know her, she stopped having contact on social networks. I decided to communicate with [Pinto] since he was the only contact she had in that country and that is where our fear was triggered."

Karla wrote that she had reached out to him after her aunt stopped all communication with her family.

In a message translated to English, he replied: "Hello, the truth is I haven't known anything for several days. [Arellano] decided to leave by mutual agreement, I couldn't give her the life that she wanted and well, in other words, she got bored of me.

"She went to Lima to look for a ticket to Mexico. That's where my part ended [...] I hope you're doing well. I don't know anything else."

Blanca's family got in touch with her lover after she stopped all communication.
Twitter / itskararellano

Juan went on to suggest that something might have happened to Blanca's phone, which could have explained why she wasn't replying to her family.

However, the horrifying truth about what happened to the 51-year-old soon became apparent when a torso and faceless head discovered washed up on a beach.

These were quickly followed by severed finger, as reported by the MailOnline.

A forensic analysis of the remains concluded that the deceased face had been removed by someone with medical experience.

The body parts were also discovered at the end of a canal connected to Carrion National University, which is where the 37-year-old was studying.

But the most explicit evidence of the alleged killer's actions came from his flat, where traces of Blanca's blood was found.

He also allegedly uploaded videos showing the dissection of organs to TikTok after she went missing.

While he has now been arrested and charged with femicide, human trafficking, and organ trafficking, he denies all allegations and remains in police custody.

Featured Image Credit: @itskararellano/Twitter/Facebook

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