NFL Player Criticised After Killing 2,000lb Buffalo With Arrow Through Heart

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NFL Player Criticised After Killing 2,000lb Buffalo With Arrow Through Heart

Warning: Graphic Content

NFL player Derek Wolfe has received a lot of criticism this week after he hunted down and killed a 2,000lb buffalo with 'two arrows'.

The Baltimore Ravens player shared a series of upsetting images on Instagram, one of him posing with the dead buffalo and the other showing him holding the animal's heart in his bare hands, with an arrow going through it.


According to Wolfe, killing a buffalo was a 'childhood dream' come true. I mean, we used to dream about going into outer space but ok.

Fair warning, the pictures Wolfe posted to Instagram are graphic, so don't slide across unless you're prepared to see a literal buffalo's heart.

Wolfe captioned the photo: 'Took two arrows to bring this 2000lb beast down. 1st at 34 yards and the second a perfect heart shot at 67 yards. A childhood dream came true for me'.


He then proceeded to thank people for 'setting this up fro me' and goes onto thank the maker of the 'broadheads', the weapon used to kill the buffalo.

Obviously, people were not at all impressed with Wolfe's actions and comments have been turned off from his Instagram post.

That didn't stop people responding to the news on Twitter, however, with one user writing: 'Why why would you do this why what did that beautiful animal do to you WHY I get deer hunting and fishing but why this I’m sick to my stomach'.


Another added: 'It’s hurtful!! Makes me sick to my stomach as well, AND ruined my evening. Why are the rich ALWAYS looking for another thrill?!? Killing is NOT a sport'.

While Wolfe hunted the buffalo for sport, calls for bison to be culled in the state of Arizona were made last year.

Just last year, the National Park Service (NPS) called for individuals 'skilled' at 'bison removal' to kill hundreds at the Grand Canyon National Park due to them causing 'havoc' with the area's ecosystem.

The agency said the kills were aimed at 'reducing the herd size' that will 'protect the park ecosystem, resources and values'.


They were considering candidates with no criminal history, who were physically fit and have a firearm safety certification, as per the New York Post.

Tweets from the time showed people were trying to help relocate the byson, rather than have them killed.

Workers at the park said: 'Given the current distribution, abundance, density and the expected growth of the bison herd on the North Rim, the NPS is concerned about increased impacts on park resources such as water, vegetation, soils, archaeological sites and values such as visitor experience and wilderness character'.


The park's officials affirmed that the buffalo's being killed was in line with the 2017 Environmental Assessment.

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Featured Image Credit: Alamy/Derek Wolfe/Instagram

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